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Soar Through Dubai’s Cityscape With This Extreme Zipline

Ever wished you had superpowers and could fly through cities like Superman? Now is your chance! Well, kind of. The new XLine Dubai Marina lets you zipline at speeds up to 80 km/hr through the “City of Gold.” An upgrade from its first XLine on the Dubai Fountain, its new sequel is twice the distance, twice the time and, of course, twice the thrill, excitement, and adventure.

Soar Through Dubai's Cityscape With This Extreme Zipline , via XLine Dubai
via XLine Dubai

Have fun soaring through one of the world’s most extravagant cities, and take a peek at the Princess Tower and Cayan Tower on the way down. Over a 1km journey will send you from their 170m-high launch platform back to ground level. 

Choose to either fly solo or tag-team with your best friend or loved one for even more fun. Moreover, a camera is attached to your helmet to document your entire experience. So, after it is done you can see the pictures and videos of your initial excitement, impending fear, pure joy, and finally, oh-sweet relief.

via XLine Dubai
via XLine Dubai

Prices for the XLine Dubai Marina are 650AED ( ~176USD) for a solo ride and 1200AED (~326USD) for a Duo-ride. The experience is suited for individuals between 12-65 years of age, and between 50-100kg in weight. You can read more and book your experience here. 


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