ARTHESI Designer Furniture | Arthesi is the brand of excellence of Artigiana
Arredi, company founded in 1979 by Gianfranco Mioli in the Vicenza area, a place rich in art and culture.
The company’s vocation was defined during the first years of activity, when its main focus became realizing tailor-made kitchens.

Within short time, the Artigiana Arredi kitchens had become prestigious goods thanks to the use of numbered wood matched with precious marbles and granites, skillfully crafted and only tailored.
In 2008, targeting an increasingly demanding and global public, the Arthesi brand was created, the ultimate manifestation of quality manufacture.

The kitchens production takes place in the Arthesi workshop , heart of the company where every day experienced hands create elegant pieces of furniture.
Everything in Arthesi is tailored, customized and starts from a project.

For this reason an Arthesi kitchen is a luxury item that talks over time about the most prestigious made in Italy, intended for people who enjoy the beautiful and the good of life.