B&B ITALIA Designer Furniture | Founded in 1966 as the result of the entrepreneurial farsightedness of Piero Ambrogio Busnelli, B&B Italia is a leading italian company in the international scene of design furnishings for both home (B&B Italia home division) and contract purposes (B&B Italia contract division). The firm distinguished itself from the onset for its industrial calling by introducing a managerial approach to corporate organisation, thus going against the handcrafting, family-run rationale typical of the sector. Based in the north of milan, the firm’s prestigious headquarters were designed by r. Piano and r. Rogers in 1972. Its products have contributed to writing the history of italian design, the adventurous history of the success of taste, technologies and creativity that have made italy famous throughout the world and distributed the “made in italy” brand on international markets. The collection of B&B Italia furnishings issues from the skill to represent contemporary culture and to promptly respond to the evolution of living habits and requirements. Modern furnishing elements that are strongly distinctive and characterised by exceptional quality and timeless elegance are the result of the unique union of creativity, innovation and industrial know-how.

Research, which has always been a key strategic factor in the corporate development policy, is conducted by the internal r&d centre that is a real forge of cultural meetings and experiences, strongly fuelled by partnerships with international designers. The unique features of each product convey the values of research, creativity and quality that form the dna of the company.

By distinguishing itself on the international scene for innovation, quality, design and prestige, both in the sector of home furnishings through the two brands B&B Italia and Maxalto, and in the contract sector, B&B Italia has joined the altagamma foundation that converges italian companies of international repute, which operate in the upscale range of the market and express italian culture and style in corporate and product management.