CASPRINI Designer Furniture | Casprini is an important trade mark in the furnishings sector for over 50 years synonym for professionalism, innovation and quality.

The company belongs to the holding of the Casprini family and has come a long way in two generations of continuous modernisation, successful handling market evolution and the necessary product innovations leading to a steady growing in Italy and abroad.

Starting out as a crafts company for galvanic treatment of metal surfaces, an industrial sector in which Casprini stands for extreme high quality standards and environmental observance thanks to the latest modern water- and air filtering systems, soon Casprini imposed itself also in the field of furnishing components due to a measured combination of creativity, innovation and production capacity; necessary elements in order to meet the evolution of contemporary living.

During the course of years Casprini aims at becoming the leading protagonist for contemporary living, developing interesting- and significant projects distinguished by their intelligent and innovative characteristics beyond tendencies and ephemeral contents induced by the bulimia of consumption.

The philosophy of Casprini is expressed through the continuous attention to the quality of the project, the technological development and at the same time to the value of language and expressive components guiding the decisions of Casprini to put forward new products of a strong innovative sense.

A recent example is the furniture piece ‘Tiffany’, the first monobloc chair in the world realised in transparent polycarbonate moulded with gas technology of the second generation (same solution adopted successively by many enterprises) whereas the chair ‘Caprice’ is the first seating shell moulded in transparent techno polymer (obviously antistatic), a material that satisfies the innovation of a mass where ‘open’ has a clear prevalence on ‘full’. Finally the chair Penelope, that revives and exalts in a very ‘glocal’ prospect the handy craft manual ability of interlaced wires. Their casualty makes every chair absolutely different and unique.

It’s known, that since millenary tradition things are being done well in Tuscany and Casprini attaches great importance to this tradition.

Right from the beginning quality has been one of the determining aspects of Casprini; the ability to combine the needs and tendencies of a selective market paying a maniacal attention to ideas, development, industrialisation, production and product assistance. Moreover, the ethical dimension of doing business is presently the most important aspect of Casprini expressed through careful attention to environmental problems and global supportability.

With reference to this ethical dimension, in a world, where often it’s sufficient to adorn the title ‘Made in Italy’ on any object being completed and packed in Italy, for Casprini the entire realisation of all its products in Italy is an inalienable principle. Every single component of the product is being produced, assembled and packed at the production site of Cavriglia in collaboration with specialised Italian partners interfering with professionalism and know-how within the productive process. Thanks to this formulation all the products of Casprini can adorn itself with the excellent guarantee of 100% made in Italy.

History, identity, quality, research, innovation, creativity; the circle closes thanks to the constant collaboration of Casprini with the designers foreseen with culture, freshness and critical spirit allowing to express a personal touch. The perfect combination of ability and professionalism result in the unique and original final products.