How we started

CIPRIANI HOMOOD Designer Furniture | CIAC Cosmopolitan Home was established in 1977 with the aim of creating a group of Italian furniture manufacturers located in Tuscany region, drawn together by an innovative businessman who wanted to join forces with furniture factories operating at the highest level of quality.

His aim was to export their products around the world, at the time a very ambitious project, considering the tendency for young Italian companies in that era to focus solely on the domestic market, with the international export market dominated by a small group of industrial scale mass producers. Since then, CIAC Cosmopolitan Home has pursued its goal with remarkable results, exporting to over 60 countries worldwide with a constant yearly growth.

Today CIAC Cosmopolitan Home globally represents and promotes a select group of Italian high-end companies producing both fine classical cabinetwork and contemporary design, from children’s bedrooms to kitchens. Each of these companies has the same goal: Growth and Quality orientation!

Where we are heading

With 40 years of experience in the luxury sector, CIAC Cosmopolitan Home is a profitable and reliable partner, able to meet the needs of an international market. Our strength is our network: our team consists of 30 people, a highly trained technical group of experts dedicated to custom-made design. Our commercial network has been expanded to include several countries in Africa, as well as China and several other nations in the Far East.

Our main priority has always been to build a direct link between our factories and customers, to ensure that, together, we make the most of the best opportunities as they present themselves, now and in the future.