DITRE ITALIA Designer Furniture | Ditre Italia, an Italian company of upholstery and design accessories, internationally recognized for manufacturing quality and sartorial excellence, never ceases to amaze. With over forty years of history linked to the artisan tradition of upholstery, which was born by the De Marchi brothers in 1976 in San Martino di Colle Umberto, the company evolves and launches on the market, year after year, many new products. In addition to entrepreneurial skills, Ditre Italia, brand ambassador of Made in Italy, confirms year after year an attitude to detail and craftsmanship that distinguishes its collections. A company made up of people, capable of listening, sharing and experimenting. The products are born from passionate men, who create not only objects but artifacts to live and surfaces to caress. The sofa is an experience, a journey through lifestyles that involves us in an activity that never ends. Curiosity and experience generate the desire to experiment. Ditre Italia manufactures high quality products respecting the strictest standards, as regards the procurement of raw materials and the production cycle, using only top quality leathers and cutting-edge technologies. A cycle of total quality in constant compliance with the parameters for a realization of excellence. After embarking on a path based on a personal language of strong identity, the company offers not only exclusive objects, but a real way of life. The Ditre Italia living proposal increasingly expresses a language extended to the whole company, identifying a furnishing concept characterized by different proposals.

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