DURAVIT Designer Furniture | Where there’s a bathroom, there’s Duravit. Who isn’t familiar with the blue wood grouse adorning so many washbasins, toilets and urinals in hotels, airports and other public buildings, as well as in private homes? To the layman it stands for successful, attractive design – to the expert for a bathroom styled by Duravit. Created by internationally renowned designers, manufactured with the utmost care and precision and offering superb planning flexibility down to the very last detail.

Perhaps that’s why you’ll find the blue wood grouse all over the world – on sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture and accessories that testify to a standard of design and quality that is anything but run-of-the-mill. This high standard – on the part of architects, bathroom planners and users – is also reflected in the remarkable, individual architecture of the buildings. They all have one thing in common: a bathroom styled by Duravit.


190 years – hardly a biblical age but impressive for all that. During that time the Duravit philosophy has helped introduce revolutionary ideas and design innovations that have changed the appearance of bathrooms. This philosophy, which is just as valid today as it ever has been, is based on two pillars: simplicity and effectiveness. Duravit has always had the courage of its convictions, and this is one of the defining characteristics of the brand. The innovative forms and exciting color combinations have been acclaimed internationally. The courage needed to combine practicality with novelty has resulted in many pioneering sanitary trends that have become standard features in today’s bathrooms. But Duravit has also shown courage in its commitment to follow up the justified demands, wishes and yearnings of its customers – through the esthetic design and high quality of all its products, bringing life to the bathroom and creating bathrooms for life.