Edra is a company with a history of its own. It has established itself as a leader, a vanguard role. He has come his way with courage, professionalism, respect and heart. He has created a story that will remain in time thanks to a high quality production, outside of fashion and trends. A path that has led her to be an established brand and a reference point in the international design world.

Edra is evolving between modern technology and artistic tradition. The production comes from the inventive talent casting, specialized expertise, research of innovative materials and technologies. From this attitude born pieces of cured so as to be unique and unmistakable series. Sofas and furniture that adapt to different environments, contemporary or traditional homes, public spaces and museums internationally.

The desire to make a sofa into a safe haven and gathering point for many different, otherwise isolated “wayfarers.” This is the stimulus behind the invention of the “intelligent” cushion, as Francesco Binfarè narrates. A special mechanism inserted in the upper part of the cushions, which function both as armrests and backs, makes it possible to angle them at will, one by one, with gentle pressure. In this way the sofa ”island” with its soft architecture becomes the center of the home. 

The intelligent cushion responds to different usage needs, from reading to conversation, navigation with a tablet to watching television. The result is a new generation of sofas for contemporary living, enhanced in terms of comfort and functional quality. 

In pursuit of increasingly advanced technologies to interpret the evolution of human requirements in terms of comfort, in 2004 Edra invented and patented Gellyfoam. A special material created by mixing different foams, bringing unprecedented softness and extreme adaptability to upholstery, to set new standards of relaxation.