Outdoor Furniture

GANDIABLASCO Designer Furniture | Passion for the outdoors, Mediterranean roots. More than furniture, a lifestyle. 25 years editing designer furniture, contemporary environments to enjoy 365 days a year.


Passion for life outdoors, a dream come true on the edge of a cliff in the north of Ibiza. The elemental and architectural geometry of our first outdoor furniture collection transcended borders thanks to its ability to respond to canons of timelessness and universality.

Its refined, purely architectural design, made of aluminum profiles combined with polyethylene, opened up market niches that didn’t exist until then, confirming the expansion of the company to every continent. The essential design of architectural lines defines the personality of GANDIABLASCO’s furniture and pergolas collections, together with the concept of large collections.

More than furniture, these are fresh and elegant products that complement each other to create environments where one can enjoy the outdoors, Mediterranean-style.

” GANDIABLASCO always seeks essentiality and timelessness in its creations, our natural inspiration source has always been the Mediterranean where, for several millennia, the cultures that inhabited the area created different forms of expression in any discipline.”

Design and Innovation

Design is our culture, we seek excellence. Our goal is to offer innovative products of the highest quality in their materials, elegant, functional and with differentiation and exclusivity in their unique designs. We seek to enrich the variety and style of our products through the plurality of languages of different designers.

Quality and Sustainability

We believe in the quality of the design and in maintaining quality during the manufacturing process of each of our products, from the conception of the product and its design, until the end of its useful lifecycle. The constant synergy between our suppliers, ourselves, and our clients makes GANDIABLASCO constantly develop technical improvements, research, and innovate in both products and materials, to guarantee a high quality, durable product composed of almost 100% recyclable materials.

Durability and Longevity

The designs we manufacture are timeless, we believe that they should not have an expiration date or follow trends. We put all our effort into the cultural value of design, its heritage, and its impact on future generations, therefore, we only use materials that meet a high degree of excellence and performance over time.