GHIDINI 1961 Designer Furniture | Decades of heritage and generations of craftsmen built what is now Ghidini1961 from scratch.
Our craft has always been taming and refining precious metals.
Our family inherited this from great grandfather to grandfather to father to son and we plan to thrive and grow to pass it down to the generations of Ghidini’s that are yet to come.
With the vision of our CEO, Roberto Ghidini, we have been exploring the routes of combining our craft, attention to detail, and artisanal spirit in collaboration with Stefano Giovannoni as our Art Director, to create contemporary pieces of furniture that are best described as innovative liveable art.

Our team is comprised of our designers and our crafts men and women.
Our team is family, that might not be blood related, but they are people we grew up with.
They are our neighbours, our friends and our town folk who have grown up with our craft
and have the same passion and skill to grow Ghidini1961 into the leading brand
of contemporary living art that we are all proud of.

Our beautiful Villa Carcina in the region of Brescia
is where we create and innovate.
It’s a beautiful little town in Northern Italy
that is full of heart and an ancient soul.
It’s the place that inspires us to take care of our environment
and strive to be the sustainable brand we are today.

And now that you see the full picture of how our family,
our team and our little town are all connected,
we hope you’d understand our passion to create and disrupt
the norm and to build a brand
that is destined to lead the world of design.