GIANFRANCO FERRÉ HOME Designer Furniture | Gianfranco Ferré Home collection inherits the DNA of the Gianfranco Ferré Maison in a perfect combination of contemporary charm and classic quality. An eclectic and unmistakable style made of endless suggestions, where elegance is always the protagonist, along with the quality of materials and the care for details.

Gianfranco Ferré Home collection follows an original path where the British atmosphere characterizing the brand is reinterpreted into a new mix, blurring the lines between classic and contemporary.

Refined furniture inspired by the late XIX century, exploring new applications for menswear fabrics such as pied-de-poule, pinstripes and prince of wales, meet the exotic charm of pieces pervaded by romanticized Asian suggestions and the sober appeal of more contemporary elements, influenced by the iconic design of the first half of the XX century, to create unique settings with a rarefied, delicate and sophisticated atmosphere.