LA CHANCE Designer Furniture | Whether it is with the main collection, featuring the most prestigious signatures of the design world, or through the bespoke program, collaborating with architects and professionals, La Chance produces daring and distinctive pieces. Our teams rely on skilful European artisans to produce furniture, lighting, rugs, and accessories combining strong creative identity with comfort and functionality.

La Chance is a Paris based design company producing furniture, lighting, accessories, rugs and wallpapers created by a cosmopolitan selection of the best designers from the new generation.

Since 2012, La Chance seduces interior designers and design enthusiasts around the world with a contemporary interpretation of the ornamental and decorative French furniture tradition rooted in the Art Deco period.

La Chance is the brainchild of Jean-Baptiste Souletie and Louise Breguet who collaborate with artists to create a collection constantly enriched by new personalities. Together, they imagine sophisticated pieces made by European artisans working with the most noble materials.

Louise Breguet and Jean-Baptiste Souletie, co-founders of La Chance

We shared a taste for geometric pieces, with an architectural construction and presence.


Louise had a first career as an international architect. She began her career in Beijing before completing villa projects in France and Haiti. She relocated her practice back in Paris in 2009 and developed her comfy and optimistic style (with a hint to 80s aesthetics) in residential projects. This is when Louise felt the desire to go further and create the pieces, she could not find for her projects by collaborating with the new wave of French designers.

Jean-Baptiste was a design geek from a young age : “ On my bedside table when I was 15, you could find books on Ruhlmann or Eames and I spent my Saturdays in Saint-Germain district furniture or at the flea markets.” Ten years after, the passion was still intact when Jean-Baptiste decided to leave the investment fund he was working for and revert to his first love.

Chance – and common friends – made Louise and Jean-Baptiste meet. Long discussions follow to define the outlines of the project: a furniture company with bold personality, collaborating with the most creative designers and artists, but referencing the French tradition for ornamental furniture and the Art Deco Heritage. The design should be sculptural but the comfort and use keep staying on the top line. “ We shared a taste for geometric pieces, with an architectural construction and presence”.


The project won the approval of major signatures as Noé Duchaufour Lawrance, Luca Nichetto, or Note Design Studio design for the inaugural collection.

A journalist and curator advised Louise and Jean-Baptiste to launch the brand in Milan instead of Paris. None of them has ever been to the Salone del Mobile and a show there seems out of budget. Another chance meeting led them to Tom Dixon who inaugurates that year an exhibition in the Museum of Arts and Techniques and gives a chance to the duo to show their work. The first collection of 12 pieces (including the Borghese sofa, Iconic mirror, or Bolt stool) was presented among 19th century locomotives of the Museum and La Chance was one of the main events of the 2012 edition of the Milan Salone del Mobile.

Louise and Jean-Baptiste were respectively 27 and 28 years old, and this was only the beguinning of the adventure.

The first presentation in Milan was a wonderful experience as we were finally able to share the work of the designers we love.

A few months after the presentation in Milan, the first pieces are delivered to the first clients. It is the beginning of an international network of galleries and interior designers representing La Chance.
Today, the brand is now represented in more than 30 countries.

The collection grows constantly with new encounters and partnerships. Each product is the result of the collaboration and a creative discussion with the designers. “We keep our eyes wide open and keep searching for new talents. 10 years after its creation, we are proud to count major signatures of the design scene that La Chance often helped put in the light”.

The discussion begins with the first drawing -the original idea- then the confrontation with production constraints orients the design and allows to progress toward the final product. “Each constraint is a pivot on which designers rely to find creative solutions. We are always amazed by the talent of the designers who find innovative ways to overcome difficulties and transcend a material or a technique. “

La Chance business model allowed us to combine our wish to guide the creation and work closely with artisans. La Chance is not only a brand, it is driver that initiates and sponsors the creation of a piece, organizes the production with various artisans, before distributing it through a network of galleries and specialized retailers. “Our work is to fuel creation and give artist a framework to innovate”. Each piece is both the creation of a designer and the result of La Chance guidance and support.