LAGO Designer Furniture | Designed by the architect Italo Chiucchini following the principles of domestic sustainable building, the LAGOFABBRICA does not look like a factory, but rather a glass and wood home, where the light of sunset invades the workspaces and makes everything more fluid.

Noble materials unusual in an industrial context were used to build it: wooden beams, brick, glass, terracotta, steel and aluminium. Harmonic sequences of inclined pitches create an architectural system on a human scale, which makes time dedicated to production a pleasure.

At the LAGOFABBRICA, we follow the Lean Thinking philosophy, which helps us to avoid dead time and reduce waste, achieving constant improvement and creating accessible, customisable design.

LAGO’s company and productive organisation is based on two pillars, both inspired by the industrial philosophy of Toyota: Kaizen and Lean Thinking.

Kaizen is a Japanese method of continuous improvement, one step at a time, obtained by involving the entire company structure. Fundamental to Kaizen is the awareness that ‘energy comes from below‘, or rather that results at a company are not achieved by management, but by direct work on the product.

Lean Thinking is a term that refers to stripped down production aimed at minimising waste to the point of abolishing it completely, through company organisation that privileges the maximum efficiency of industrial productive processes.

Through Lean Thinking, Lago searches for—and achieves—constant productive improvement by eliminating superfluous activity, like disorganisation and dead time, which the consumer is not inclined to pay for. Result: the productive process itself produces value and the product emerges from the mind of the design and arrives at the customer’s home without any warehousing.