LE PORCELLANE Designer Furniture | Established in 1948 by Mario Sernesi, in the artisan ceramics district of Sesto Fiorentino, near Florence, Le Porcellane was founded by a far-sighted man who built up a successful business over the years, basing his progress on the values of tradition and quality. The handing over of the helm to the daughter Felicita Sernesi since 1979, and his nephew Giacomo Lucibello since 2004, represents that generational transfer typical of great artistic and artisan heritages. Giacomo has grown and developed within the company, both as a man and a professional, and it is with the passion and skill that he has inherited that he sets out on a journey which starts from the past and looks to the future.

In 2008 founded Brigantino Srl, his new society that invested on new foreign markets and grown up the brand Le Porcellane Home and Lighting.

Porcelain is the lynchpin of elegance and style and Le Porcellane has always interpreted this wealth, safeguarding a great tradition, enhancing it and creating a unique and absolutely inimitable style. Employing ancient sculpting methods to forge every item and hand decoration techniques, the new creations will always be based on the reference points of beauty, quality and preciousness.
“…at a time when everyone is looking towards the outside, we looked inside ourselves and created a new company which is already sixty years old, has strong values and is the keeper of great traditions. We have combined new ideas and the profound conviction that beauty, handcrafting and quality are timeless values. All you have to do is add some dreams.”
Giacomo Lucibello