LUCEPLAN Designer Furniture | Aesthetic and technological research, design culture, experimentation and innovation, a creative spirit never separated from functional quality and efficiency. This is the system of values that shapes the identity of Luceplan since its founding in 1978. A long series of honors, from Italy and abroad, bear witness to the innovative force and excellence of a design brand that avoids any formalism, focusing on offering technologically evolved lighting fixtures for flexible use.

The Luceplan catalogue contains an extensive, versatile range of lighting fixtures, with high standards of performance and aesthetics, crossing fields of applications and adapting to any usage need, any context: products that combine functional quality with the decorative appeal of architecture for the home, from the small to the large scale. Besides applying the most innovative technologies and materials, also by introducing solutions from other fields of research in the world of light, the experimental approach of the brand has been immediately translated, ahead to the times, into a focus on environmental issues and energy saving, through rationalization of production as a whole, from the idea to the assembly to the packaging, guaranteeing a correct life cycle for fixtures, all the way to their disposal. Today Luceplan, updated to the cutting edge but also solidly rooted in a unique heritage of design and production experience, renews the entrepreneurial spirit of its origins, continuing the exploration of unprecedented technical, functional and aesthetic potentialities of light.

Luceplan. Sustainability policy

Luceplan has always been engaged in technological and design research on light as a tool to improve human wellbeing and environmental quality. The company sees the following values as fundamental fact ors for the sust ainability of its pract ices: sustainable growth and development; ethical-environmental responsibility; protection and nurturing of human resources; research and innovation; safeguarding of the environment and protect ion of the ecosystem; dialogue and transparency.

Sustainable growth and development

The business model applied by Luceplan pursues objectives of financial solidity, profitability and sustainability over the long term. The company makes a commitment to develop innovative, high-performance lighting solutions, capable of offering clients products with a high added value that contribute to improve wellbeing and quality of life.

Ethical-environmental responsibility

Luceplan operates with integrity, in compliance with the most rigorous ethical, professional and legal values, making environmental, economic and social concerns an integral part of its processes of decision-making and management.

Research and innovation

Luceplan collaborates actively with its partners, as well as with the leading designers and architects on the international scene, to develop innovative project s and to utilize the most advanced technological solutions, thanks to constant research on light in all its forms.