MISSONI HOME Designer Furniture | From fabrics, the starting point – to furnishings.
A wide range of elements to dress the home inside and out.

A global brand

The appeal of the MissoniHome message is reflected in the lifestyle proposals for decorating and furnishing the home, indoor and outdoor spaces.
The collection, of which Rosita Missoni is the art director, is produced and distributed by the Golasecca manufacturer (MHome srl), a historic family company and leader in textiles and home furnishings.
A variegated mosaic of fabrics with unmistakable patterns is the foundation for this multiplicity of living and furnishing elements.
MissoniHome has an international reach, it is found in exclusive design showcases, the department stores of major capitals as well as in Missoni boutiques.

The presence of the brand at the main global trade fairs, draws the interest of architects, designers and professionals and receives acclaim for its creative installations.

Home philosophy

A lifestyle dominated by unmistakable and decorative fabrics
The home, Rosita’s great passion. Within the MissoniHome project, which she has personally cared for since 1997, are the shared philosophy and vision of the original brand. And her idea of never-ending evolution.
“The home is alive. It’s constantly evolving and never finished”, she often comments.
The collection offers a lifestyle of home furnishings dominated by unmistakable and decorative fabrics, furnishing forms in interior spaces are versatile and modular and can also easily migrate outdoors. The personality of the style is consistent, yet renewed with unexpected additions of accessories and different details. “My home is synonymous with festive hospitality and pleasant atmospheres. To furnish my own way is to create an organised but informal habitat that excites and intrigues, where every space is an oasis of colours and moods. And free from formulas”.

Home project

From fabrics, the starting point, to furnishings
A home furnishing project. A wide range of elements. From fabrics – the starting point – to furnishings. The recurring theme of fabrics and their numerous textures introduces beautiful ideas for furnishing the home inside and out. From the living room to the lounge, from bedroom and bathroom to the rooms leading outdoors to gardens and terraces.
Rosita Missoni’s collection has a way with colour, interwoven with manufacturing skill; it stands out for its sunny personality and creative spirit. Fashion inspirations and emotions inform her home design vision.
The language of the collection, as well as each individual piece, is unmistakable, with the project built around free interactions between colours and forms. This long creative path which coexists with experimentation – almost an escape from the obvious towards an innovative, personal style with an aesthetic balance that transcends the commonplace.