Industrial elegance

MONTIS Designer Furniture | We all have to start somewhere. Montis was established in 1974. If you look closely at our dotted logo, you’ll recognise the open-minded spirit of the seventies, when the Dutch cautiously let go of old-fashioned civility and started dreaming of bolder, contemporary shapes. At Montis, we are firm believers of ‘Question everything, but keep the good.’ Innovative techniques and new materials help us to keep moving forward. Quality, craftsmanship, functionality, and the ideal balance between comfort and aesthetics are not just empty words at Montis; they are the compass to the future in our on-going pursuit of industrial elegance. Our style is sophisticated, stylish, a little playful, modest, and always has its own distinct voice, as self-evident and familiar as the dots in our logo.

The Montis dots

The Montis logo is made up of a myriad of little dots. Dots are the ultimate visual element – the basis of every design. Connect two dots and you have the beginnings of a line. Its graphic mirror image is the circle: a timeless geometric shape that transcends all cultural beliefs. The circle symbolizes infinity and perfection, yet also emptiness and absolute freedom. Connotations of rest and movement, innovation and familiarity, and of nature (the planets) and culture (rings, graphic designs) can be found all over the world. The dots in the Montis logo are symbolic in both shape and meaning. Every sketch starts out hesitantly, with a single dot on an empty piece of paper. It’s the base of every design – our starting point on the road to industrial elegance.