NAHOOR Designer Furniture | Aesthetics and functionality, art and handicraft, light sources and home sacredness

Founded in 2009 by William Pianta after a long-time experience as lighting designer in public and private contexts, “NAHOOR” gathers the great Italian tradition of the lighting design renewing it with new technologies and its own view of making light.

With his work the designer wants to tell us the uniqueness of each single lamp he designed, through iconic shake, avoiding all what is unnecessary, in order to give importance to the materials and highlighting their matter.


Nahoor is owned by the family company born in the 70s and relaunched thanks to the work of William Plant which, after many years of experience as a lighting designer in public and private contexts, sensing the market and demand new trends, identifies new business objectives and focuses on the development of Nahoor products.

Nowadays Nahoor, after the official debut on the market during the September 2009 edition of Maison&Objet in Paris, is a brand accredited on the high-end lighting design segment with a consolidated presence in several international markets.


The Nahoor products are the result of creative work of William Pianta who, by treasuring the past of Italian design, reinterprets it through motivations taken from day by day living experience that evolves and from the technology that updates.


The finishing process of each product structure is made from the best and most experienced Italian artisans.

A process punctuated by multiple stages and craft and manual steps which allows to achieve material results from the essential structures, but inherently complex.

A production process that requires flexibility and patience by considering the individual special needs of each customer, ensuring a “tailor-made” service, bespoke.

The excellence of the product finishing work and combinations of materials and finishes makes each Nahoor product unique and unrepeatable.

Made in Italy

All NAHOOR products are 100% Made in Italy.

As a result of an Italian way of thinking about light, each Nahoor model is produced entirely in Italy: our Italian artisans produce and finish each handmade object, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the most advanced technology to ensure the highest quality of authentic Made in Italy.

The counterfeiting is a violation of the talent and of the skills of the craftsmen and the creativity of the design and its effects go far beyond the low prices products sale and the poor quality: it damages the whole italian lighting production system and as well as the survival of the italian craftsmen and their knowledge too.


Metal, glass, wood and fabrics.
Our products are made with traditional and high quality materials.

The wide range of choice available between the raw materials used, polished or burnished brass, from brass to copper, from teak to wenge or ebony wood, provides almost infinite combinations of alternatives.

Creative work

With the diligence and the expertise of a highly passionate team, NAHOOR creates a piece that is unique, tailored for time by time different customer demands. NAHOOR models are made to be lived all day, every day.

Research focal point is the attention to the materials that are enhanced in all its matter, becoming protagonists of the history of each product by reinterpreting its uniqueness. Wise and careful hands, guided by passion and experience, under the creative direction of William Pianta, produce highest quality products.