From the woodworking to interior furniture

PAOLO CASTELLI Designer Furniture | PAOLO CASTELLI S.p.A. was founded upon the historic tradition of the Castelli family, the roots of whose activity in the field of fine woodworking first and office furniture later date back to the beginning of the last century.

Presently the company operates in contract field and in manufacturing design furniture.  Born more than 20 years ago of the subsequent transformations of the company is Domodinamica, a collection that vaunts numerous icons that have changed the history of design and prestigious creations by famous designers, hosted in the great museums of the world.

After years of success and acclaim on the international design scene comes Inspiration, a furniture collection ‘inspired’ by the interior design sensibilities of architects working in London and Paris during the 1930s-‘50s, revisited in a contemporary key.

With great attention to detail and to the new lifestyles of an international clientele with sophisticated tastes, Inspiration is a collection that offers a range of possibilities for personalization, to the extent that every object in it can become a one-of-a-kind piece in terms of dimensions and finish, thanks to the meticulous craftsmanship of the finest Italian artisans who build them.

Italian General Contractor

Over the course of these many decades in the field of design, the company has developed and consolidated extensive experience in the world of contract services and as a main contractor becoming one of the best italian general contractor.

In realizing projects by outside architects or by its own excellent team of architects, engineers, technicians and graphic designers, PAOLO CASTELLI S.p.A. can operate on both small and large scales in both private and public contexts, providing restructuring and renovation services and custom furnishings for libraries, airports, hotels, museums, private homes, auditoriums, offices and ships.

From the initial concept to its complete realization, PAOLO CASTELLI S.p.A. provides ‘Made in Italy’ products and services of the highest quality through technical and operational coordination, intelligent use of materials and finishes, and rigorous control over every aspect of industrial production as well as the workmanship of the master craftsmen with whom the company has collaborated for many years.

Notable among the more recent projects are the Alitalia Dolce Vita Lounge at Fiumicino Airport, the Parc Hotel Bilià and Grand Hotel Bilià in Saint Vincent, Le Gallerie d’Italia in Milan, and the Manica Lunga Library of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini Onlus in Venice.