Life in Motion

PRECIOSA Designer Furniture | Fire, Water, Air and Earth are – according to the classical Four Elements Theory, the basic elements of all existence and have been subjects of allegory and inquiry for centuries.

Crystal Automata combines this fascination with the beguiling motion of automata, and the beauty of crystal.

The origins of automata and the Four Elements Theory lead back to antiquity and Greece. Alexander the Great’s conquest took this knowledge to Persia, where it was applied and preserved, before being exported to medieval Europe.

There, the new rationalist understanding of mechanically organised time was perhaps one of the biggest impacts on Modern Age society, which up until this point had used observations of nature and human action to measure time.

Based on this fascination and knowledge, PRECIOSA has created Crystal Automata, to be shown first during Milan Design Week 2016.

In Crystal Automata, the viewer can witness cyclical installations which set the movement of light in motion, so that it is forever changing, but never ceasing. The concept of the chandelier is brought through the ages, into our contemporary present.

Chandeliers are used to receive and inspire guests, in the past; automata were also used to instil wonder in visitors or viewers. The fusion of chandeliers with automata magnifies the visual wonder and fascination of each innumerably, and leads visitors into a crystal wonderland, a small insight into PRECIOSA’s Crystal Valley, inspired and expressed by Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

Crystal Automata has been created by Michael Vasku & Andreas Klug, Creative Directors at PRECIOSA Lighting.

Four elements

The story of Preciosa crystal products is also the story of four elements: the sand of the Earth is the basis for Bohemian Crystal, which is born out of Fire, and breathed into life by Air. Water, the caring element, helps capture the energy from this transformative process and bring the Crystal into sparkling beauty.

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Collections have been created for those with a passion for exquisite design and a love of Bohemian Glass and Crystal. The pieces are created from traditional materials, masterfully shaped into captivating, authentic forms inspired by the legacy of Bohemia’s famed Crystal Valley.

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