History 60’s
SERIP Designer Furniture | Founded in 1961, Mário J. Pires Lda started to produce chandeliers, using glass and brass. At this early stage, the company assumed a very classic concept.

History 70’s
In 1978 the company sees itself commited to change their installations due to the achieved success.

History 80’S
During the early 80’s, Serip creates the first organic style piece (halogen cup chandelier), though the clients acceptance was not positive by then. The specific Design revealed itself too far ahead for its own time.​1985 is the year when Serip starts to explore International markets by participating in its first international trade Show in Paris at Parc des expositions de la porte de Versailles. Until the end of 80’s, Mário J. Pires company mainly produce for internal market.

History 90’S
The participation in Valencia trade show marks the year 1997 when the company starts to produce alabaster chandeliers

The “Catalogue Nature Of Light” is launched in 2001. It contained Collections inspired by nature with flowers and tree names. In 2002, Serip assumes and introduce the organic concept that would prevail in the company thereafter. 3 years after, in 2005, arises the 1st catalogue with organic style pieces, named “Life Colour Motion”.
​By 2007 feels the need to start producing personalized chandeliers, by measure.The release of the “Mysterious” catalog in 2008 was a huge step in Serip’s history. It helped to set apart the company from the others and totally differentiate the product from what has been done in the market so far. ​The dramatic and theatrical presentation of the products in this catalog, based on the romantic Sintra’s scenery, has an huge acceptance from the clients. This year is also marked by the end of the production of alabaster chandeliers.Serip introduces the first chandeliers with LED technology in 2011 and devotes totally to special lighting projects

Contrast and dualities are the main concepts developed in the end of 2014 “Black&White moments” catalogue. It embraces the ying and yang, opposite or contrary forces that are actually complementary. The Catalog shows outstanding luxury ambiances mixed with astonishing lighting installations. In terms of scale and presentation it is something never done within the company.