Our Heritage

TRECA PARIS Designer Furniture | Tréca is a heritage brand, a brand with a strong connection to tradition that uses artisanal know-how passed down from generation to generation. The Tréca brand pampers all its clients to ensure the desires of each individual are fulfilled. Its distinctive bespoke approach allows it to maintain a personal relationship with each of its clients. Tréca, savoir-dormir à la française.

The Tréca heritage, since 1935

Our story begins in Reichshoffen, where Victor Moritz created the first factory producing spring mattresses by Tréca, a company whose origins lie in the wire and cablemaking business of Victor’s father René Moritz. Since then, Tréca has continued to produce bedding made exclusively in France and develop its hand-stitching expertise. Respect for tradition and bespoke craftsmanship have made the brand a benchmark in high-end bedding.

The French savoir-dormir

More than just a mattress or bed, Tréca is a lifestyle, an art of living, an art of sleeping. Our savoir-dormir is inspired by the grandest hotels in Paris, designers from all over the world, the very best craftsmen and artisans, and world-renowned French tradition and know-how. More than just a moment of peace or a well-deserved break between two busy days, Tréca invites you into the universe of ‘beautiful sleep’. Sleep that invites you to escape, travel… Tréca, savoir-dormir à la française.

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