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02Oct 2018

Good design is a situation where simplicity belies the complex ideas required to elevate its nature. To achieve that immediacy of visual appeal, that clarity of function is not an easy task. It is a design philosophy exemplified by successful companies like Apple and Google, and is a philosophy that goes beyond the oversimplified phrase of ‘less is more’. It is an approach that requires a meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, and a highly attuned sensitivity towards the user experience. Da Vinci Lifestyle, with over 150 international designer furniture brands, along with the high end designer furniture collection are quintessential specimens of this design philosophy. Listed below are a few luxury Italian furniture brands that illustrate the principle with utmost clarity.

DaDa – Banco Kitchens

It is a common misconception that high end designer furniture means complex, avant garde design that focuses too much on being different rather than being functional. However, luxury furniture by designer furniture brands do respects the amount of painstaking work involved in perfecting simplicity. Luca Meda, the designer of the Banco Kitchens, said ‘Simplicity is not good in itself, but there surely is a type of simplicity that comes from generations of work.’ Summing up the momentous effort demanded in order to achieve a respectable form of simplicity.

Despite its unassuming appearance, the Banco Kitchens concentrate the washing and cooking functions into a self-supporting structure. It is offered mainly in black and white, keeping the stark appearance that’s striking in an understated manner. The combination of myriad functions into a classic recognizable design is illustrative of how simplicity in design is not only a difficult task, but one that denotes masterclass level of craftsmanship.

Minotti – Dan Table

The starting point of a luxury home furniture by a high end luxury furniture brand has to be simple in order to have the potential to be a masterpiece of simplicity. With the starting point of a circle, the Dan Table dives deep into the possibilities inherent within the perfect shape, exploring the ways that a luxury Italian office furniture can go beyond mere functionality, and into the realms of artistic expression. This is achieved with impeccable grace, taking inspiration from the minimalist movement combined with Minotti’s savoir-faire and the designer Christophe Delcourt’s eye for intricate details. In a less secular society, it would be no surprise if this table is inducted into a pantheon of divine beings for its transcendental qualities.

B&B Italia – Atoll

While the idea of simplicity in design seem like a modern concept, it is a philosophy embraced since ancient times. The modern idea of simplicity is a reinterpretation of classic theories, bringing an innovative, updated sensibility to the table of tools that provide a rough around the edges, raw animalism in approach. B&B Atoll is a collection that pays homage to these classic ideas while seamlessly weaving the sensitive touch of modern understanding to its design. It is a modular seating system designed by Antonio Citterio, a designer with a refined sense of aesthetic balance, bringing a note of elegance to a timeless style. Beyond aesthetics, the B&B Atoll represents the epitome of versatility, with a design that fits both formal and informal settings, and a smooth pairing of functionality with comfort.



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