17Sep 2019

The art of living is not merely just having facilities, but by the way, you enjoy and experience your everyday life. The pattern of your everyday life, your hobbies, your choice of food and drinks and your dressing all reflect your personality. Another most important aspect that determines and reflects your style and taste is the way you decorate or organize your home. It is a saying that “As we evolve, our homes should also be.” So decorating and organizing your home really reflects your personality and depicts what kind of person you are.

The living room is the central part of any residence. It can be used for multiple purposes like for hanging out with friends and family, watching movies, or just relaxing. Traditionally living rooms were decorated or furnished in a more casual way. A colorful blend of wallpapers or relaxing sofas and tables were commonly used in living rooms. But as trends changes living rooms has gained much more importance in terms of their setting and choice of furniture. Today, most of the living rooms are decorated in a luxury furniture style with elegant use of colors, space, furniture, and accessories. This not only adds elegance to the room but also creates an overall sophisticated and comforting atmosphere. Luxury style Italian furniture brand is very popular in decorating the living room in an elegant way. In this blog I’ll be sharing some tips so can personalize your living room gracefully and in a luxurious way.

Well, everyone dreams to have a living room that looks like a “Million-dollar room.” However, it does not mean that if you don’t have the money to buy expensive designer furniture you cannot have a room like one. There are many useful tips that can help you to add a luxurious element in your living room.

Let’s start with having attractive living room decorum

A welcoming and soothing living room decorum can become the central element of any living because it breaks the dwelling and changes the overall tone of the room. You can custom design the surrounding space so it can complement the overall look of the room and give the feeling of elegance and enrichment. Secondly, if your budget allows, you can add the aspect of aesthetic and luxury by adding architectural elements like columns, arches, beams, etc. They will make the room look magnified and splendid. Besides, you can use embellishments like small sculptures, wall, cartouches, or customized furniture brands to give your room a luxury and expensive look.

Invest in Sofas

Designer Sofas today also become a very important element when it comes to furnishing a place. It is no longer merely considered as a piece of furniture used for sitting and relaxing. Today, there are sofas of various design and luxurious appearances that instantly changes the overall aura of the living room. Even simple sofas if covered with gold silk or velvet fabric adds the aspect of elegance and luxury. Depending upon your budget if you cannot afford to buy an expensive luxurious sofa set you can invest in elegant sofa cushions. You can use fancy, embroidered or sequenced cushions on plain sofas to give them a kick and make them stand out. I would personally suggest that one should invest a major part of their budget while selecting a designer sofa set for their living room. They are the main furnishing element in the living room. So they must be carefully selected.  Buy luxurious Italian style sofas to add elegance to your living room.


Know your colors

The choice of colors greatly impacts the overall look of any room. Luxury and elegant living room styles require the use of formal colors like gold, silver, beige, or dull shades of other colors. Monochromatic color schemes are best if you want an elegant living room style. The color of the walls should not be too bright so that the other elements can stand out. The color of your accessories, carpets, cushions, tables, and walls must be reflecting a decent atmosphere which gives a soothing experience to those who sit there.


Use Chandeliers or Mirrors to add space or decency

The use of fancy mirrors is a popular living room style these days. You can use two to three varied size mirrors carefully placed on walls. They instantly add space to your living room and make it look gigantic. Secondly, if your budget allows investing in a luxury jeweled chandelier for your living room. The lighting from the chandelier will add glory to the living room atmospheres and will become the main center of attraction in the room.


Play with the Lights

Lightening is another significant element in managing a space. It can make space look big and add to the overall environmental feeling. Spotlights are very common these days. They are inexpensive and can be inserted in ceilings. You can also use lamps for lightning purpose. Place them carefully and use elegant and stylish lamps which add sophistication to the overall look of the living room.

Choose your accessories carefully

The use of accessories can easily make your room look rich and expensive. Invest in your living room accessories wisely. You can either use decorative ornaments preferably classic pieces or use decent wall hangings or paintings. They will not only reflect the aesthetic aspect of your personality but also make your living room look more luxurious. People also used decorative pots, metal pieces, craft items as accessories in their living room.

So, basically it is not necessary to spend a lot to have an elegant living room space. You can make wise choices by investing in furnishing items that instantly grab attention and become the central part of your living room. Decorating your living room can be a useful expression of your personality. You can easily reflect your taste and choice through the type of contemporary furniture and setting you use to organize and decorate your living room. So, never stress out when it comes to furnishing any room. You get some really smart tips by merely reading some online blogs.


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17Sep 2019

Italy’s attention towards art is historically evident, and this reflects in the way they decorate their rooms. Italy is home to so many fashion designers, and the country has a rich history when it comes to interior designing. Nowadays, Italian home decors and luxury furniture are considered to be the classiest way to decorate your rooms and interior spaces. While it is elegantly pleasing to watch the Italian styled interiors, it is extremely difficult to master the art of Italian decoration; one must use the right colors and positioning of the items should also be accurate.

The Italians tend to use the warmer colors for the interior decoration; it includes a color called sienna that holds several earth colors and looks like a yellow-brown mix, this color is historically associated with the Italian culture. This color is dominant in the majority of the furniture items so that there is a consistency between the furniture brands, and no item differs from others. We can also see gold being used in several items such as mirrors, vases, and others.

Forget minimalism

If you must want your room to give a deep Italian feeling than the idea of “exaggeration” must be thrown out of the window. The Italian designer furniture in a room includes a massive designer sofa with side sofas of the same scale and the cushions are generally of mild colors but in leather. The comfort of cushions while maintaining the visually pleasing colors make this a successful element of Italian decor. The mild colors make it easier for the couch of such size to blend in with other contemporary furniture of the room.


Floor and walls

Many buildings in Italy are quite old but very well preserved so the designing of the floors and walls are still adapted from these ancient designed walls and the texture of the floor is given a very defined resemblance. Venetian plaster is used to create the textures on the walls and after filled with green, gold, or other earthy colors. The marble floors, despite not giving exclusively Italian feeling, have now become a prominent method of flooring of an Italian interior space. Huge windows are usually installed because of the sunny weather in the Mediterranean countries and what better accessory to use as drapes instead of “Roman blinds” that come with a wide range of color selection and gives the room a decent roman look. As far as the floors are concerned, if you are not restricted in your budget, the new travertine tiles that come in earth-toned colors give your room a proper Italian finish.


Pottery and art

The pottery and art also play an important role in Italian households, and that is why when you observe an Italian styled interior, you find vases and portrait scattered across the room. Ideally, look for the pottery that is made in Italy because the locally produced pottery and art are very much distinguishable when placed next to other ones, so finding a substitute here is not an option. The vases can be placed in the middle of the dining tables and by the sides of the dressing tables, and the art may be placed across the room at an angle where it’s easier to notice.


The roof

The chandeliers are usually the centerpiece of an Italian styled room, and the classic chandeliers are not very difficult to find. The gold chandeliers are often found in the Italian luxury rooms as it’s considered a prerequisite for any room to be labeled “Luxury.” The ceilings could be designed with traditional Italian lightings of chandeliers and other glass items, these items despite being old, go really well with your refreshingly modern room and give you a nice feeling of rich Italian culture.

The furniture

The Italian designer furniture consists of dark wood with light and wavy designs; these designs are not very complex but quite elegant to look at! The sideboards and cabinets look similar to a country chest. Tables that come with huge worktops, soft chairs with backs that are high and clocks that are engraved or forged are the essentials of an Italian styled room. The Tuscan style furniture is really popular among the Italian households, it includes oversized sofas along with armchairs, there are heavy and spacious book cabinets that can hold a lot of books, the small tables that are scattered across the room. The Tuscan lamps are a great edition to add on some of these tables scattered across the room. The great thing about the Tuscan style is that despite the furniture being scattered, it feels just right. The Tuscan style is quite the opposite of a simple, minimalistic room, and you can see the accessories present everywhere in the room.


Spacious Rooms

The Italians love to have a gathering, and therefore all the rooms are spacious, and most of them contain a large sofa, a long dining table where you and your family of friends could sit together and eat or just have a chat. The rooms are not only serving the purpose of making you feel sophisticated but also very practical when it comes to parties, sleepovers, and family gatherings. They also serve the purpose of keeping you and your guest very comfortable, so these rooms are very practical when it comes to their size, the Italian style is a classic example of how comfort, elegance, and practicality can coexist.

To sum it all up, the Italian style has an elegant and a very rich feeling to it but one must indulge in the art of Italia to understand the palette of right colors that should be used in the room. The furniture, all while keeping in mind to keep the room spacious enough for the friends and family to sit together to eat or just have a chat. The designing must also be right, and the lighting condition of the room must be replicated to have the euphoric and nostalgic feeling of the great Italian culture.


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15Sep 2019

Whenever you talk about a living room, what first comes in your mind is a place where one can sit comfortably with friends or family and have a carefree environment. This is a place which we often choose when we invite a friend or host a party. Living rooms are assumed to be having “Good Vibes Only.” A living room should be the one that gives cool and comfortable vibes and feeling of relaxation. It is said,

Life is not measured by the breathes you take but the moments that take your breath away.”

 The living room is a place where you make memories that can last forever. That’s why it important that they must be styled in a way that is stylish and welcoming for the visitors

Whenever it comes to design, redesign, or style living room, you can have plenty of ideas for that. Living room has the characteristic that it can be designed either in a cool or informal way, or you can have a sophisticated luxury furniture style depending upon your mood or preference. You can go for a monochrome theme like all grey, or all blue or can have a funky style with a blend of carefully placed and designs of colors used in furniture and décor accessories.

Well, nowaday’s people are more inclined towards having a luxury style living room with elements of elegance and sophistication. They want to create a luxurious space and have a stylish look. So in this blog, I’ll discuss some important designing tips for your living room that can help you to a stylish and luxury living room style


1.) Use furniture with gold accent

Gold is always the color of elegance. To create a modern and sophisticated style, you must use furniture brands with a gold accent. Walnut or white color designer furniture is usually used for creating a luxury style in a living room.


2.) Pay attention to your ceiling

Well, the ceiling is also an important element in interior designing, which is sometimes overlooked. Coffered ceilings are widely used to create a modern style in a classic way. These types of ceiling add elegance and charm to any space


3.) Upholster your sofas and armchairs in fine fabrics

The fabric of your contemporary furniture holds key importance in interior designing. For a luxury style, upholster your designer sofas and armchairs with fabric like velvet, silk or satin. You should be careful in combining different textures and shiny material to create nuance and depth in the overall atmosphere. This will be eye appealing to the guests and let them have a pleasing tactile experience.


4.) Use satin or frosted glass wall and table lamps

The use of lighting plays a key role in managing any space. Decorative lightings, if used cleverly, can create a luxury style without spending too much. Opt for lamps that are made up of frosted glass or stain glass having a silver or gold finish that will complement the overall look of your living room.


5.) Use Gold and silver accessories or room décor that reflect light

Room accessories are important as they are frequently used to express the taste of the designer. They also reflect the overall mood of a room. For, some sophisticated style use accessories in gold, beige, or silver color. Use shiny material that reflects light.


6.) Use soft carpets or decorative rugs

The use of decorative rugs or soft carpets surely makes your living room look elegant and cozy. Choose from Persian, hand-knotted, or tufted rugs that compliment your style and comfort needs.


7.) Jeweled Chandeliers will be a plus point

Chandeliers are always a luxury furniture element. They add a lot of elegance and luxury to any space. You can make your living room look extremely luxurious by making light the main focal point through the use of elegant jeweled chandelier in the middle of your room ceiling. They will shine like gems and will add a majestic feeling to the overall environment of the room.


8.) Use large and floral curtains, preferably in gold or walnut color with gold decorative lines in them.

Curtains in any room have significant importance as they are the first resistance to the cold or warm weather, and they also prevent dust from entering the room. They also play an important role when it comes to having a luxuries room space, and having them properly decorated is absolutely vital. The gold color is most preferred because it’s associated with the luxurious lifestyle and the ornaments around the room perfectly go with the curtains if they’re gold, walnut color can be substituted which has equal charm.


9.) Use classic wallpaper patterns.

Wallpaper is a useful tool when it comes to the decoration of the walls, and they come in different pattern and colors. However, in a luxury room, a wallpaper that’s inconsistent with other items in the room will just give the wrong impression, that is why it’s important to use the classic wallpapers that fully cover the walls from edge to edge. Make sure you avoid using different kinds of wallpapers on other walls as the whole room has to give an elegant feeling which can be achieved by using all the same, aesthetically pleasing wallpapers.


10.) Use ornate mirrors to add finesse in your living room

Mirrors have an amazing feature; they make the room look bigger than it actually is while they’re considered just a way of watching yourself before you go to your office or to any event. But with a little bit delicacy and attention to detail, you can make your mirror the center of attraction of your luxurious room. The ornate golden mirrors come in various designs that you can choose from, and some are even customizable, choosing the right mirror for your room could be a game-changer.

So, giving importance to some little details and clever use of colors and light can make your living room look sophisticated as well as luxurious.


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15Sep 2019

Whether you want to renovate your home casually or formally, a few updates can make a lot of difference. From the luxury furniture and the floor to the lightings and the decor, there are several ways to upgrade the outlook of your home.

As the furniture covers a large space of those rooms so before buying the contemporary furniture for refurnishing that space, you should keep in mind a few things.

It is advised to make a wise survey because walking directly into the store without a plan can leave you confused and frustrated.

So, in case, you are looking out to redecorate your rooms then we have an array of renowned furniture brands contributing to our furniture store to give your living and dining area a beautiful and elegant appearance.

Also, it would help you select the best items so that you don’t end up wasting your hard-earned money.

With the major European and American furniture collaborating with us, we have got the leverage to serve you with the products that fit into your space and adds style to the overall décor of the room.

Here, the Da Vinci Lifestyle is helping you out with some ideas on how to decorate your home with contemporary furniture.

Utilize the Space

Analyzing the space of your room wisely will help you in dictating the laying of modern furniture and other decors too.

If the room to be furnished is small or has less space, you should choose built-in furniture. For bedrooms choose folding beds and for the dining room go for shelves in spite of chairs.

In this way, you will not only be able to save the space but utilize the space in some productive manner.

Wall decoration is a proper art of contemplating how to utilize the given space to look better. Hence, wall decor must be chosen wisely. One such tip is to pick mirrors as wall décor for bedrooms instead of dark pieces; this helps in creating an illusion of wider space.

In the case of a dining room that is often used for hosting a lot of guests, the expandable dining table can be of great help.

Also, for living rooms with limited space, try and choose the furniture that is compact and less bulky. It will not only create space but will also help you to maintain a positive ambiance of the room.


Well, the variety of light fixtures available in the market is endless. But, the perfect selection of the light fixtures majorly depends on the ceiling’s height.

If your room has a high ceiling, a chandelier would be the perfect selection for it. Your choice with the decoration and furniture may vary, but a nice chandelier can still be added to add style to the overall luck look of the room.

Dining and Drawing rooms are the best places to add these chandeliers as they bring life to the room and also increases the charm of the furniture.

For the rooms with low ceilings, semi-flush mount lights are a wonderful selection. They partially flush the light and utilize their reflection to light up the room.

Another great idea would be to use pendant lights which can set your mood right if used with a low-watt bulb.

If not pendant lights then wall sconces are a good dining room light fixture.

Bed Room Furniture and Accessories

The simple it is, the elegant it looks. You can add as much décor to your bedroom as much you want, but the real art lies in keeping the furniture limited and the looks elevated.

A bed, a lamp table, a front table, carpets, ceiling fans, and whatnot. The number of items that will include your to-buy list for your bedroom is endless.

The only thing that you need to consider is the simplicity. Try and make a combination with the colors of the furniture.

Bed with low height are in the latest trends. To add more to the style of the room, you can decorate the wall behind the bed.

For those who like to decorate the table by the side of the bed in a traditional way, using a big vase is a great option.  You can create a nice floral arrangement and upgrade your room with a vase and flowers that match the rest of the decoration of the room.

The vase can vary from glass to the antique one as per your preference. And the use of paper and synthetic flowers can add a twist to the traditional touch.

If you want it more in a contemporary way then you can use a metal or wooden dish with some moss or river stones.


Lawn Décor

Lawn is that area of your house where family comes together in their free time. It is open and can be accessorised in plenty of ways that are stylish as well as affordable.

The accessories can vary from a lawn sofa set, a centre table, side tables, flower vases and what not. It can also include stylish and adjustable chairs that matches the overall décor of the place.

The plantation on the sides also makes a huge difference in enhancing the ambiance of the area. Choose the colors wisely and the nature play its part. Also, you can use tables of various sizes with flower tops to complete the look.

Contemporary Furniture

The most prominent asset of any space is its furniture. A little makeover to which will give your room a whim no less than heaven. Choosing the luxury furniture for that lovely corner of your home is the utmost priority. Also, the furniture should match the aesthetic of that space.

At the Da Vinci Lifestyle, we can help you out in picking the best furniture for your home. Elegant yet contemporary furniture will enhance the space beyond your expectations. Our exquisite craftsmanship will help you in every possible way to cherish the beauty of your rooms for years to come.

Not just your dining room but we can efficiently furnish your office spaces too. We also assist the property developers and restaurateurs by furnishing restaurant spaces and even hotels. So, no matter what you are planning to furnish, be it an intimate space, lounges, rooms, dining space or lobbies in the hotels, we surely can help.

If you are convinced then visit our mega-stores in your country. We have our furniture stores in Singapore and many countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Italy, Taiwan, and China.

In case, your country doesn’t have one then our worldwide catering retail website is the solution. Reach out to the Da Vinci Lifestyle for contemporary dining rooms’ furniture and more.

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Da Vinci Lifestyle’s Retail Division provides clients with pret-a-porter products to haute couture or bespoke designs for residential projects, using our vast selection of brands exclusive to Da Vinci Lifestyle and strong brand presence across Asia, in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Italy and China. Our team is able to offer solutions and suggestions to your design ideas using our vast library of resources that will inspire and bring actualization to your project.

04Jul 2019

Italian furniture is a piece of fine art, since there is dedication and talent involved in making them, putting an elegant and stylish touch to the item. They stand out with the handcrafts, well crafted and designed by the artisans, which makes every piece is unique and exclusive. Whether you are seeking for furniture for your home or office, you will never misjudge with the Italian designer furniture.

When looking for the designer furniture, you must consider some aspects to make sure that you get only the best one. It is considered that every single piece, which is authentic, is worth investing some amount of money on; but you should find something in the furniture store which can fit your room in the best way.

The design: The Italian designer furniture is available in various designs, which means that you will find a large selection to choose. When you choose the design, always choose something which can fit your room perfectly and one that can enhance the room decor. You can pick the classy designs if you would like to decorate your home.

The materials: Apart from the use of solid wood, Italian furniture also uses fabric finishes. When choosing the best one, always go for the material which is likely to match the setting. You may choose a finishing material which can last for a long time, with very little damages.

The colors: The Italian furniture is available in a variety of colors; most of them are solid colors. You can get crafts successfully done on them, picking the colors you feel best suit your decor. The color of the Italian furniture must be able to match well with that of the atmosphere, like the walls, curtains as well as other items in the room. You can also pick different color or mix the ideal colors to create a stunning and elegant look.

These aspects can help significantly when selecting the best luxury furniture for your home and office. Ask the experts if you are unsure of which is the best.

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Da Vinci Lifestyle’s Retail Division provides clients with pret-a-porter products to haute couture or bespoke designs for residential projects, using our vast selection of brands exclusive to Da Vinci Lifestyle and strong brand presence across Asia, in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Italy and China. Our team is able to offer solutions and suggestions to your design ideas using our vast library of resources that will inspire and bring actualization to your project.