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Acerbis International is, for decades, protagonist of Italian Design. A long history of continuous research, innovation, constant re-interpretation of the contemporary world. A design and production approach based on formal and technical experimentation, fine details, conscious use of colors and materials, application and integration of technologies, high quality and technically advanced finishes, great structural and functional clearness. Going through ages and beyond fashions, Acerbis has created timeless, and at the same time very avant-garde, design products. The materials are the main protagonists of the collection, coordinated by Massimo Castagna, introducing new combinations and new meanings. Stone, concrete, glass, metal, lacquer, wood: natural finishes and special treatments, glossy and matt, transparency and opacity, rough and perfect, opposites and affinities linked to form a single distinctive language.


1971 The evolution of tradition: Parioli System
Lodovico Acerbis broke the mould and experimented the path of modular units with a product encapsulating his experience and profound knowledge of materials: Parioli System. A product destined to become an icon of Acerbis design culture, with the first series in wood and steel, followed subsequently by lacquered polyester and anti-scratch finishes.

1974 Contemporary living: Life Collection
Full and empty spaces to be filled with life, alternating contrasting light and shade, in a modern concept of a living zone and a container: this is the idea of suspended volumes behind Roberto Monsani’s work. Designed in 1974, Life is still part of the collection and remains astonishingly relevant today.

1977 The birth of an icon: Sheraton
A product that is part of the history of Acerbis and of international design. Winner of the ADI Compasso D’Oro in 1979, Sheraton was created when the vision ofLodovico Acerbis met and combined with that of Giotto Stoppino. An icon of aesthetics and functionality that combined a sliding opening with a hinge for its wide, slide and pivot doors. The success of the Sheraton sideboard merited its inclusion in the Permanent Design Collection of the London Victoria and Albert Museum.

1977 The bridge between past and future: Brooklyn
The design partnership between Lodovico Acerbis and Giotto Stoppino, featuring a continual blend of project and industrial culture, created Brooklyn: a bookcase inspired by and designed to recreate the architectural intuitions of the homonymous bridge. The steel, reticular beam stretching between two masts and the system of hanging shelves with fine stay rods hooked on to the beam were the tangible expression of their continual experiments with materials and technologies to create new visual effects.

1981 The secret lies in the details: Madison
At the beginning of the eighties, Lodovico Acerbis and Giotto Stoppino designed a system of elegant wall-mounted units with a contemporary design, particularly innovative for its system of construction, assembly and smart details. The structural elements of Madison were actually linked together by cogs made of extruded aluminium, which enabled drilling of the partition walls to be eliminated and a sophisticated fabric covering to be used inside the unit.

1983 Morphos Time: Klok clocks
The desire to create and innovate, to break the mould and experiment life with Morphos, an Acerbis collection and trademark, containing diverse elements to complement the main line. In this contemporary temple, fashion and time took on a new significance with exceptional products and partnerships, such as Klok, a collection of clocks by Kurt Delbanco.

1984 Ancient wisdom and modern lines: Serenissimo
Lella and Massimo Vignelli created a line that reinterpreted past processes with new shapes: Serenissimo, a table that reclaimed the ancient skills of the artisan technique of encausto, also known as “Venetian plaster”, which entails the application of plaster made of very fine sand and natural earth colours. The colour palette was inspired by the shades of the paintings by the most famous eighteenth-century Venetian landscape artist, Francesco Guardi

1991 A revolution at your fingertips: Quartetto
In the early nineties, Acerbis once again revolutionised its container furniture with the Quartetto sideboard, designed by Lodovico Acerbis and Giotto Stoppino. To open the large front door they applied an original “sliding pivotal” opening system which opened with a single, smooth, light gesture. Quartetto was celebrated in the year 2000 in a postage stamp belonging to the series on the theme of “Italian design”, brought out by the Italian Post office.

1999 Minimalism and lightness: New Concepts
At the end of the nineties, technology conquered the domestic scene and became the centre of a new way of home living: technologies that had once been separate converged in digital platforms to integrate communication and entertainment systems. New Concepts by Lodovico Acerbis was the answer to the need to create free compositions without any preconceived plans, and guided by the interests, taste, passions and customs of the person choosing them. The harmonious integration of the various volumes created individual, ever-changing prospects, enriched by the magic of the light according to the time of day.

2001 Physical contrasts: Judd
The first creation designed for Acerbis by Oscar and Gabriele Buratti in an artistic collaboration that continues today, was a system of tables that combined essential shapes with rich materials. A monolithic structure with extremely light, essential lines and volumes, with a mirror polished steel exterior and a multitude of various amazing materials inside.

2004 A symphony of elegance: Ludwig
Ludwig, designed by Lodovico Acerbis, is a piece of furniture that amazes when open and surprises when closed, a blend of Acerbis experience and design philosophy. A simple shape and a pure volume, characterised by the unusual, slightly recessed, shiny, steel sides, in contrast with the finish of the door and top, and with a lighting system that gives it an ethereal appearance, as though it were floating in space. A simple gesture allows the door to tilt down and retract beneath the frame, while a part of the top rises to reveal a brightly lit, transparent, interior space.

2007 The new interactive living: NC Media Case
Thanks to the intuition of Massimo Castagna, the New Concepts line evolved according to the needs and latest technological developments: NC Media Case was the first wall-mounted unit, designed to integrate audio-video entertainment components discreetly and elegantly and to reveal technology only when required. Units that came to life to transmit images, concealing the screens behind a glass front with an amazing audio quality, thanks to the dedicated speakers, specifically designed for Acerbis to be integrated within the unit.

2009 Amazing architecture: Axis table
More architecture than a table. Axis, designed by Gabriele and Oscar Burattiastounds for the unusual position of its very slender legs supporting the top on staggered, perpendicular axes. The result is a structure that cannot be encapsulated and understood from a single viewpoint, as it continually reveals and hides reflections and volumes, depending on the position of the observer.

2014 The timeless classic: Grand Buffet
Massimo Castagna reinterprets the traditional sideboard with a contemporary design, featuring an unusual, horizontal partition of the asymmetric doors. The opening system has evolved from the Dual Flap created by Lodovico Acerbisand theatrically opens the upper compartment to reveal the backlit interior. A sideboard in which the material takes centre stage, with intriguing combinations of materials, such as wood veneers, lacquers, methacrylate and burnished metal.

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