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Andreu World has grown and evolved convinced that our philosophy, attention to detail, excellence and good design, is the fundamental guide to continue being who we are now and in the future.

At the core of Andreu World is wood, there is no other material as unique, warm and noble. Woodworking is a philosophy unto itself, it is a way of relating to the world.  Over time we have sought to maintain these qualities in all of our designs, regardless of the materials and technology employed.  Wood, in our work, is synonymous with the woodworker, we have retained the same expert hands that have learned their craft over years of experience.  

To explain what are we and how we carry ourselves, we continue to believe in the principles and values that have brought us to where we are today… 

A philosophy of life

Over nearly 60 years we have evolved in tune with the times, offering the practical solutions and aesthetic that people around the world demand. We have achieved this thanks to a flexible but consistent philosophy. Flexible with regard to the needs of users in that we are constantly seeking to improve our work, and consistent to our values and respecting the tradition of the craftsmanship in equilibrium with the latest technology.  Maintaining quality in the details is the ultimate goal.

Year after year, we have become globalized without losing our local spirit. We are currently present in the most demanding markets in the world and we have a permanent presence in North America, Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. Our name, Andreu World, is a statement, expressing our philosophy and our international vocation. 

The value of time

We are a family business and therefore we maintain a very special relationship with time.  We are aware of the tradition we have built and thanks to that tradition we have a unique perspective of our work. So we think in the long term and are faithful to the idea that to build the future we need to keep the past alive.

Family and tradition are concepts that remain alive in day to day operations through personal relationships with all workers who, in many cases, have been part of our family generation after generation.   

The search for excellence

Each design examines all of its possibilities, constantly pushing us to improve comfort, finish and function. It is this active process with each of our products that allows for the intelligent use of our resources.

We depend on our resources to inform our entire working method, from obtaining the raw materials all the way through to finishing. Through a continuous investment in advanced technology and infrastructure, as well as in the training of our team, we maintain and improve our processes. This in the only way we can only maintain our passion for well-made products. 

The key is the details

Precision and quality are one and the same, accordingly we refine to the maximum all and every one of the processes, from the origin of the materials to the production system and manufacturing of each piece. We minimize errors through systematic quality control and offer a 5 year warranty for all of our products against defects in workmanship and materials.

The wood used in our products comes from our forests, of which are cultivated in accordance to quality protocols including planting, harvesting, drying –the wood is dried for more than a year after the harvest to prevent the wood from cracking in the future – and all phases of handling. This process has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) and guarantees that the wood originates from reforested and controlled forests. 

The expression of the search

We like working with designers.  It’s a way to communicate our values through the unique perspective of each collaborator. If one thing defines our evolution, it’s our commitment to design. This commitment has translated to numerous national and international awards including the 2007 National Design Prize, the most prestigious honor is Spain for design centric companies.

Additionally, for the past 15 years we have held an annual international design competition geared towards young designers. It’s our way of investing in the talent that will build the future. 

The pleasure of the al fresco life

A few years ago we started to develop a new line of products in an area that we have not yet explored: exterior pieces and that is how Outdoor was born.

We belong to a culture lighted by the Mediterranean sun and are connected to the sea and nature.  It is because of this that we feel that we could offer our interpretation of the pleasure of the al fresco life.  Outdoor includes distinct collections of seating, tables and sofas especially designed for exterior use in residential or contract applications.  These pieces are constructed from new materials and treatments that are weather resistant and require minimal maintenance.   

One with nature

It is impossible to evolve without accepting a commitment to the environment. We not only try to optimize resources, we seek to reduce our environmental footprint in all aspects of the production process. We use wood from managed forests and reforested in accordance to the FSC®(Forest Stewardship Council) certification, we have implemented strict policies for energy efficiency, waste recycling and research into new more sustainable materials.

The sea, which plays a fundamental role in our culture and tradition, is the best example of that macrostructure that demands our attention and commitment. Our legacy goes beyond the material, a well-made product, is intimately connected to nature. 

Technology and design

Research, technology, innovation and design are the basic pillars of our industrial culture. Our products are the result of the clear commitment to innovation and application of I+D+i at all stages of manufacturing, which has resulted in the creation of innovative and resistant materials such as Ecolignus® wood and versatile collections that serve both indoors and outdoors environments.

Working on the basis of creativity, versatility, ergonomics and comfort, we develop new products that anticipate trends in contemporary furniture design. 

A passionate alliance

Wood and technology form a passionate alliance when they are employed in innovative ways. Technology grants us the ability to increase the potential of wood from a structural and esthetic point of view. Wood treated as plywood permits us to curve it without losing its characteristics and attain very fine, highly resistant boards and seamless joins. Technology doesn’t just help us to develop new forms, it also enables us to investigate and evolve without betraying the uniqueness of the material.

Behind this evolution is a curiosity to explore the limits of wood as a material and the security that comes with harmonizing traditional methods with new technological processes. We unite best of a remarkable history with the constant search for excellence.

Andreu World works to create sustainable and innovative designs, providing durable furniture solutions that allow to enjoy the spaces that people utilize in a smart and healthy way.

Andreu World is a company on a global trajectory, it is recognized as an international leader in furniture design and for its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and practices. The organization sees its team of integrated and engaged professionals as an investment in ongoing R & D.

Andreu World’s values are based on a deep respect for the work in addition to the commitment to and passion for design, innovation, well-made products and the following:

  • Tradition
  • Integrity
  • Technical Expertise
  • Confidence
  • Passion for design
  • The Team
  • Engagement
  • Closeness
  • Nature
  • Love for detail
  • Respect
  • Innovation in all fields
Founding of Andreu World

Our beginnings date back to 1955 when our founder, Francisco Andreu Marti, who at 17 years old had the entrepreneurial vision to convert his family’s small woodworking workshop into a company dedicated to the manufacturing of bentwood parts, assembling and finishing of chairs.  During these years, he started to sell his products to furniture stores, progressively growing the production and company.  This growth resulted in the need to relocate to larger facilities in Alaquas.

The first designs: Model 72 (1957)

Parallel to the growth of the company, the offering of chairs was expanded and stylized.  It was in that moment that the first designs were born, model 72 in 1957 followed by model 123 in 1963.  These first works evoked the simplicity of Nordic design that was fashionable during the 1950s.  The next phase of the company was quick to transpire, a new 8,600 square foot (800 square meter) factory with its own name, Andreu Est.  The now mid-sized company continued to grow slowly.  While expanding its production capacity, the company was also constructing a commercial network that marketed the first chair designs. 

The design on display: the earliest trade shows (1963)
In addition to the commercial network, the 1960s opened the door to the first measures to promote designs and products manufactured.  During these years, the company started to attend residential trade shows such as Valencia’s Muestrario Internacional and later the Cologne, Milan and Chicago Furniture Fair, where the company started to exhibit their ever-growing selection of designs.  It was there that a greater awareness of the design culture was acquired, which is now part of our DNA.  
A new production facility in Navarra

To be able to control the entire production process, from manufacturing to sales, it became necessary to procure the fundamental raw material used in manufacturing: wood.  Therefore, the company sought to find a beech forest in Navarra to build a mill that would supply the factory in Valencia.  Later, due to the supply needs of the mill, this facility was transformed into Andreu Nort, the newest production plant.

A design brand: Andreu World

From that time, industrial and graphic designers began working with Andreu World to develop its corporate brand and communications of the business.  The Andreu World brand was born in that moment.  The company commissioned awarding winning designer Mario Ezkenazi to create the original logo.  The graphic came from a combination of various symbols including the Compasso d’Oro, one of the most prestigious international design awards.  This graphic predicted the trajectory of Andreu World with designs of Cartesius and the Sail chair. 

Chairs + tables, the perfect combination (1985)

With a wide range of chairs and seats for residential and contract environments, it was time to diversify the offering with a line of contemporary tables.   These tables were incorporated into the Andreu World catalog.  This milestone allowed for the growth in the market and the positioning of the company as a provider of comprehensive furniture solutions.  The Tops factory in Chiva was opened to produce these new products. 

Betting on design: the Andrea chair (1987)

The company entered a new era of sophistication with the Andrea chair by National Prize winner Josep Llusca.  It was a piece for the fashion runways, more likely to found in design history books than in the world’s home dining rooms.  The Andrea was not a commercial piece however it established a precise act on the part of Francisco Andreu who sensed the potential of the chair. Designed for comfort, the Andrea has become a timeless design with over 25 years of commercial life.

An icon: the RDL (1991)
The RDL, designed by Alberto Lievore, was born in the early 1990s.  This production of RDL is an expression of accuracy of Andreu World in working with wood.  From the beginning, each of the processes of this piece require complete control. RDL is made entirely from solid oak wood and a thin piece of curved laminate of the same wood.  It is the paradigm of a highly refined chair.  With an acute attention to detail, the chair is constructed so that the portions are just right.  Both radical and graphic, its appearance is sometimes considered extreme however the RDL conveys the serenity and calmness of timeless design.    
Internationalization: Andreu World around the world

Two key elements of Andreu World’s internationalization is the global sales network and multi-national presence.  During the 1990s, the Andreu World Karpatia sales team was created with the goal of marketing the products and growing Andreu World’s brand recognition in Northern and Eastern Europe.  At the same time, the company started to present itself in new foreign markets.  

On the path of industrial design

It was during these years when design became the fundamental component of the brand. Collaborations with designers such as Josep Llusca, Alberto Lievore, Jorge Pensi, Nancy Robbins, Pedro Miralles, Quod, Bernal and Isern and Ximo Roco among others, consolidated a comprehensive offering of products for the international market. 

The doors of the permanent showroom in Valencia open (1997)

To be able to appropriately display the increasing number of chair and table collections, Andreu World sought an exhibition space close to the factories.  The new permanent showroom in Valencia is over 21,500 square feet (2000 square meters) of open space and not only houses the Andreu World collections, but also displays images and visual elements, a gallery of designers who have collaborated with Andreu World and finally an exhibit showcasing the various awards and photographs from the annual design competition.  In parallel, the showroom serves as a meeting space, visitor center and workshop for architects and designers.  The Andreu World headquarters are also located in the building.

The Manila chair, value of time (1999)

One of the designs most important to the evolution of Andreu World has been the Manila chair designed by Lievore Altherr Molina. Manila transmits serenity and nobility.  The solid and honest design has been adapted over time to become a classic.  Since its debut, the design has evolved and developed into a family of chairs, stools and armchairs.  Its classical language easily adapts itself into any project.  Manila is timeless comfort.

International Design Contest: creative platform for new talent.
Faithfull to its commitment to design, in 2001 the Andreu World International Design Contest was born and has grown every year in the number of participants. The Contest aims foster creativity and new ideas while serving as a forum for exchanging ideas and communications.  It is an opportunity to publicize innovative furniture design from emerging talents.
The beginnings in the United States: Andreu World America (2003)

The international focus of the company is not only reflected in the products but in the growing percentage of exports, which now reach 80% of global production.  To better serve the growing demand for high design chairs and tables from the U.S. market, the first American sales office was established.  This allowed us to be a qualified furniture provider and later we obtained GSA certification, which permits us to be an official furniture supplier to public and governmental institutions in the United States. 

50 years of design and a story to tell
In 2005 the company celebrated 50 years of business.  The book “Chairs” was published to commemorate the occasion.  This book took the reader on a journey exploring the history of the most designed object in modern history, the chair and told with participation from leading designers, writers, architects and internationally renowned artists.  Its pages invited readers to enjoy and reevaluate the concept of the chair.  
Smile Chair, a lifestyle (2006)
The Smile Collection is one of the iconic designs from our story.  Recipient of international awards such as The Wallpaper Design Award, the Smile family of stacking chairs, armchairs and stools convey an intimacy and serenity.  In all of its forms, the design combines the harmonious and modest sensibilities of traditional Japanese and Scandinavian design.  It is a testimony to how something lightweight can be dynamic.  Its durability comes from its solid beech frame and is constructed in a manner that makes it one of the most resilient chairs in the Andreu World catalog.
Sustainable Wood with FSC certification (2006)

Andreu World is committed to responsible and sustainable manufacturing practices.  This respect for the environment lead us to procure 100% of the wood from forests managed in socially, economically and environmentally responsible manners.  

In this context, we have been working with wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for more than a decade.  This certification guarantees the sustainability of the wood from its origin to the final product as well as compliance with the Chain of Custody which traces the wood products from harvest to factory and finally to market.  

Opening of Chicago showroom (2007)

The Chicago showroom is located in the Merchandise Mart, a building that houses the leading international furniture companies.  The Mart also hosts the most important furniture trade show in the United States, NeoCon.  The showroom is full of the colors, textures and sketches that convey the essence and quality of Andreu World products.  Larges backlit images transport visitors into the different environments and applications created utilizing Andreu World products for home, offices, restaurants, cafes, public spaces and lounge areas.     

National Design Award (2007)

Andreu World was the recipient of the 2007 National Design Award presented by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade and the Barcelona Design Center Foundation.  This is the most precious award in Spain for companies that successfully use design for innovation.  Along with the 50th anniversary, this recognition as a national and international leader in design was a turning point for the trajectory of the company.   

Responsible development; the Outdoor collection

Andreu World debuted the first outdoor collections in 2009.  Andreu World Outdoor was born from the experience and core values of Andreu World that over its 50 year history has built its own industrial culture based on quality manufacturing practices and excellent comfort of products.  The Outdoor line combines the leisure of the exterior and the comfort of the interior, resulting in an extensive selection of furniture.  All of the pieces of the Outdoor collections convey luxury and well-being and are constructed from sustainable and recyclable materials that guarantee a long life.   

2010 – 14
Entrance into new international markets: Asia, Pacific and Middle East

To respond to new opportunities that have presented themselves in the emerging international markets of Asia, Pacific and Middle East, the company not only developed a network of highly quality sales professionals but also strengthened the commercial presence by creating new sales office as Andreu World Pacific, which includes the Asian market and Japan.  The company also grew and expanded sales outlets in countries such as Germany, Austria, Sweden and Norway.  

High Tech Collection: Sit, Sail, Flex and Reverse (2011)

From 2011 the new collections of Sit and Flex chair and Reverse table was launched in the international markets. These collections are all a clear commitment to innovation and application of R&D in all phases of production as well as collection of versatile designs for both interior and exterior applications. 

Opening of permanent showroom in New York (2012)

In 2012 the first Andreu World showroom in New York was inaugurated.  The new space is located in the historic New York Design Center, one of the most important buildings for the design sector in the city.  The New York Design Center is the home to over one hundred showrooms of the leading international furniture companies.  The design of the showroom is open and lively, very New York, and displays chair and table collections for corporate, commercial, outdoor and home installations, conveying the image of the brand.  It also serves as a space for the U.S. market to get to know the new products and designs.

Sustainable design, a commitment to quality (2014)

The application of sustainable design and UNE EN ISO 14006 standard for our products allows us to offer designs with optimized life cycle and responsible production processes.  We control the energy usage during manufacturing and have improved the other processes such as finishing, painting, packaging and logistics.  Before starting the production of a new collection of chairs or tables, Andreu World conducts a life cycle analysis and an evaluation of the environmental impact of each model. The result is an overall reduction of the environmental impact and a significant decrease in energy consumption, both of which greatly reduce the carbon footprint of our activities.  

2015 – 18
60th anniversary with international expansion
During this period, Andreu World continues to open new international showrooms in Tokyo, Pune and New Delhi, bringing our designs closer to global markets such as Asia Pacific and India.  In North America, two new showrooms will open in Washington, D.C. and Boston, which join the existing showrooms in Chicago, New York and San Francisco.  
In 2016, we celebrated 60 years of experience manufacturing and designing innovative products that promote the well-being of the users. A tradition that inspires the future.
In 2016 we also celebrated several international awards such as the Red Dot Design Award for the Reverse Conference table and the seven awards granted by the American industry as part of the 2016 NeoCon tradeshow. For its part, the American magazine Interior Design awarded the Best of Year Award to the Reverse Lounge table solution for its versatility and innovation in use.

With a more corporate approach, in response to the new workspace needs, collections such as the Flex Executive were born. This collection, recipient of a Best of NeoCon Award, is characterized by its iconic design, great versatility and adaptability.

The improvement of processes has also been key with the incorporation of eco-design and LEVEL certifications, which guarantee excellence and sustainability as a furniture manufacturer and international brand of furniture solutions.

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