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Art as heritage. Art as tradition. Art as passion. This is Baldi, from Florence, the cradle of Italian Renaissance, to the heart of world.

The secret to Baldi’s success is its refined taste, its great aesthetic sense and its long-standing tradition of craftsmanship that uses ancient artistry techniques and practices to make true works of art. Artists and artisans, inspiration and handicraft, creativity and devotion to perfect art forms: this unique heritage, which dates to 1867, is at the heart of Baldi today – just as it was in the past. From the traditions of two great families, the Ponziani and the Consani, a single business was born in Florence, an important city of art and the cradle of Italian Renaissance.

More than 500 years later, Florence continues to be inspired by this golden age of art and culture, giving life to incredible art works of great value. Vincenzo Consani (1818 – 1887), a refined and renowned sculptor of the Canova school, made various statues and busts, as well as memorials in the Neo-classical style. Many of the- se are today treasured in prestigious palaces and museums, among them “La Vittoria” (1867) at the Pitti Palace in Florence and “Amazzone ferita” at the Quirinale in Rome. A rewarded artist of the ars scultorea, Vincenzo Consani handed down to posterity his natural talent in working with materials, his perception of be- auty and his unwavering devotion to creating timeless pieces of art. Born in Florence, Italy in 1867, Baldi has long been recognised a leader in the luxury home furnishing sector and an ambassador of Italian luxury and lifestyle.

Dedicated to the creation of art and beauty for over a century, today Baldi has mastered the art of creating unique and timeless pieces that represent the quintessence of Italian style and centuries-old Florentine craftsmanship. The historic Florentine company is specialised in creating one-of-a-kind, custom-made statement pieces that are so exquisite they can be considered nothing less than jewels for the home. Embodying both a classic aesthetic and contemporary spirit, Baldi’s Home Jewels collections are a tribute to the company’s unrivalled passion for precious materials, traditional artistry and attention to detail. In the world of luxury and refined taste, Baldi’s timeless creations for the home are a point of reference and a perfect expression of the rarity and exclusivity of the Italian lifestyle

The use of colourful stones in the production of decorative objects has been popular in Italy since the Renaissance, where the work of precious stones was flourishing in Florence under the influence of the Medici family.

The ancient techniques, successfully adapted, are now used in the production of unique pieces for the house: You can see the light shining through amethyst and rock crystal, admire the shades of tiger eye, walk on malachite, jasper and lapis lazuli. A new range of fascinating experiences is awaiting for you with BALDI’s creations. Along with the charm of semi precious stones, Baldi makes extensive use of Bronze, always cast according to the lost wax method, chiselled and gilded with 24 carat gold or silver. All the lead crystal is hand made: blown and then carved.


From Baldi’s research and visionary verve comes Kamalite®: a noble material that can be melded and worked with metals and gemstones such as malachite, lapis lazuli and rock crystal, creating unique combinations that were previously unthinkable. A stone of the stones with 1,001 possibilities: chameleon-like as the name suggests, it fuses with other stones in endless metamorphoses to give life to works of major aesthetic impact. Practically a conceptual stone, Kamalite® is a material that creates forms and new content.

Baldi, the artistic craftsmanship in the 21st century.

Baldi spans the full range of artistic excellence. Its profound knowledge and centuries-old experience of traditional techniques and craftsmanship, combined with a contemporary and innovative business vision, allows it to be future forward and innovate with groundbreaking manufacturing processes and the most advanced technologies.

Baldi has always held true to ancient craft techniques – from stone cutting and bronze chiseling to the lost wax method of casting and gilding. The company also seeks the best raw materials on the market: it uses only first-quality raw materials and semiprecious stones from all four corners of the globe. However, the expert artisans working for Baldi are the true embodiment of the heart and spirit of the company. Each artisan is selected according to their ability to work with different materials. They are experts and professionals capable of interpreting Baldi’s perception of beauty.

Semi-precious stones Mosaic

The russian mosaic of semi-precious stones was born in Florence at the end of 16th century and It has been passed on in a few artisanal companies that still nowadays can enjoy this artistic know-how adapting it into new classic or contemporary shapes. Found in many countries in the world, mosaic’s origin is raw semi-precious stone: the intense blue of lapis lazuli, the deep purple of amethyst, the green malachite, the amber-brown tiger eye and red jasper are just some of the stones mainly used by Baldi in its artistic productions. Cut in think slices, the hard stones are attached in small pieces on round of flat surfaces, creating furnishing pieces or accessories embellished by this fascinating ancient technique.

Florentine Commesso of hard stones

The Commesso Fiorentino of hard stones is an ancient craft born at the end of 16th century due to the need to transform the art of mosaic, which existed at the time of Medici family in Florence, into something een more advanced and refined, which more closely resembled a form of “painting”. Today, Baldi’s master craftsman still keep this tradition alive by creating, in accordance with the original technique, magnificent stone decorations in several colours. Hand-cut and shaped by craftsmen, stones featuring various shades are applied, according to the selected design, onto mosaic surfaces in lapis lazuli, amethyst, malachite, tiger eye or rock crystal.


The verb chiseling is commonly used to describe refined beauty. The chiseller builds its own tools: used with extreme precision, they are capable of decorating, enhancing, or highlighting the lost-wax casted bronze’s shapes. Thanks to this artistic technique, materials already fascinating such as bronze can reach a higher preciousness, worthy of being treated as pieces of jewellery.

Lost-wax Bronze Casting

The lost-wax bronze casting is a bronze manufacturing technique known since ancient times. It fell into disuse in the Middle Ages in Western world, but during Renaissance the desire of embracing again the classic world favored its recovery. Baldi is one of the last companies in Italy which is still nowadays giving light to its creations respecting this ancient antique .

Crystal Blowing and engraving

The process of creating Baldi crystals is one of the most complex and fascinating. It starts with mouth-blowing of melted crystal, where artisans give a desired shape to the crystal.
The second step is called engraving: when the crystal is solid the maestros cut the crystal by hand in different patterns to decorate its surface and in the final stage the whole piece is polished with a special acid to give a contrast between polished and satin crystal cuts.

A new generation working on creations of absolute beauty and quality; shapes, vision and inspiration meld in a magical union: here is the Baldi team, with the passion and driving force of the family composed by Luca, Francesca, Leonardo, Ginevra and the one of Luca Bojola, whose talent as a designer led to experiment and give light to fascinating shapes form nobile raw materials.

From a while it was also born Baldistudio, a team of young designers committed to creating new classic and contemporary collections marring innovation and continuous research with florentine historical artistry.








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