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What moves us and how we move you.

People want to be well looked after and feel secure. We feel drawn to attractive spaces that resonate and make us feel as one with the world. We long to be in extraordinary places that inspire us. Whether we’re communicating or lost in thought, relaxing or focusing on a task – we prefer rooms with character and aura. This is de Sede’s calling – to give rooms a soul.

de Sede makes products that make places more powerful. Products that lend inspiration to spaces and make them more meaningful, while highlighting the individuality of the person who owns them. For decades our Swiss design studio has been thinking outside the box to develop and produce detail-obsessed furniture. The result is upholstered furniture in which people, leather and comfort come first. We manufacture products of the highest quality, employing superb craftsmanship, outstanding design skills and the best possible materials. We owe our special position on the market to our time-tested practice of passing down the knowledge and skills of our craft from generation to generation. People around the world recognise and appreciate the difference – our furniture is long-lasting and ages with style and beauty. As we strive to create timeless design, our established, holistic approach translates into new products.

de Sede furniture and the places created with them move us because they embody a respect for nature, love of humanity and veneration of culture. We’re committed to providing well-designed spaces for a fulfilled life. They instil joy and comfort and give us a sense of order, promote well-being and inspire us to look into the future with optimism.

Places touch us through their quality and exert a positive influence on our lives – on our dedication, our creativity, our motivation, our lust for life. This is why we are devoted to quality.

de Sede is dedicated to creating spaces in which people enjoy life in great style. This motivates us to live in peace and harmony with nature, with ourselves and with other people. This commitment is at the heart of everything we do. And is reflected in our products.

de Sede – makes the world a better place.

Quality as a guarantee for success

de Sede has its origins in a small but skilled saddler’s workshop in Klingnau, Switzerland. The craftsmen there committed themselves to transforming the best possible leather into seating furniture. Their years of experience and diligence enabled them to create hand-crafted leather furniture of singular quality.

In 1965, the family-run business became a joint-stock company called de Sede AG, but remained faithful to their original guiding principles.

The company developed rapidly from this moment onwards: top designers of international calibre were brought on board to create seating furniture, additional manufacturing facilities were opened, and an international distribution network was established. Sophisticated designs that skilfully integrate traditional and precise Swiss workmanship swiftly gained the brand an international reputation.

Today, de Sede AG presents itself as a leading manufacturer of exclusive leather furniture. Out of the original small workshop, a company has emerged that employs over 120 people and distributes furniture in more than 40 countries, including the United States and Russia, the GCC countries, and even emerging markets such as China and Brazil.

de Sede is owned by Oel-Pool and Monika Walser, who has led de Sede since April 2014. Main shareholder of Oel-Pool is Daniel Sieber.

Quality as a basic principle

de Sede has dedicated itself wholeheartedly to the art of handwork. Anonymous, automated production processes have no place at our company. Cultivated refinement and the utmost perfection of craftsmanship – principles we have embraced since the company was founded – are the key to ensuring that all the pieces of furniture leaving our factory truly meet our exceedingly strict and high standards.

Every craftsperson at de Sede is a master of their profession. Our specialists make sure that only the highest-quality leather makes its way to Klingnau, that it is properly stored and is then carefully processed with dedication, knowledge and experience. The production process also includes meticulous cutting plans: irregularities in the leather can only be perceived by a critical human eye and rectified accordingly so that they do not affect the finished piece.

Our sophisticated upholstery techniques with modern materials, foam, gauze and cotton also require considerable knowledge and experience, which is reflected in every piece of furniture from de Sede. Our pieces of furniture are finished off with exact, at times elaborate, hand-crafted stitching, which creates the perfect visual effect and also ensures extra durability.

Craftsmanship of the highest degree, stringent quality requirements, maximum attention to detail and personal commitment by all employees have made de Sede famous and pave our way for the future.

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