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The face is the mirror of the soul. This can be confirmed by closely examining the details of each piece of furniture that leaves our company. In fact, certain details and features are possible only when furniture is made as it used to be, following methods that have been handed down from generation to generation. When you place an order with Fratelli Cenedese it is like ordering a bespoke suit or pair of shoes. This is because, in addition to being constructed to meet your specifications, our furniture guarantees handicraft quality that experts will notice and owners will appreciate for a very long time.

Fratelli Cenedese

We at Fratelli Cenedese have been creating furniture that stands out for its refined finishes since 1960. We offer top-quality wardrobes and bedroom furniture that boasts accurate craftsmanship and unique finishes thanks to the expertise of our cabinetmakers. These unique pieces of furniture are the result of a real passion for traditional woodwork.

Our passion

One family, one tradition. Care for detail is a constant feature of all our departments which the founding fathers, their children and grandchildren often visit to give a personal touch to every production phase: from design to construction, from coordinating the back-up activities to our retailer partners and after-sales service.

The Art Laboratory

A unique piece of furniture is a compendium of special details. Just like the embellishments and painted decors of the master cabinetmakers working in the Art Laboratory of Fratelli Cenedese. This is where the decoration, that can even be bespoke, is created and where all the subsequent phases take place. From  paper piercing using a bradawl to dusting with powder to obtain the outline; from marking the drawing out to making the embellishment itself using various techniques and colours and applying patinas and finishes.

Tutto Tamburato

Resistance and stability, lightness, durability and simple assembly are all guaranteed by the honeycomb-core elements used by Fratelli Cenedese to construct their furniture:  Tutto Tamburato, our strength in a hallmark. 


The Fratelli Cenedese’s collection can be customised throughout and is made of genuine wood and top-quality materials, specific features that can be admired in all the furniture produced by the company. All the units are the outcome of extensive experience and a long cabinetmaking tradition combined with careful attention to detail applied from the design phase to the actual construction of each piece of furniture.

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