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The company Porada was established in 1968 by Luigi Allievi with the help of his 4 sons in order to expand the production of chairs, started in 1948, to other branches of the home furnishing. The Porada collection is the result of the proper combining of technological processes with the artisan tradition of this area.

The first step to the present collection was done in 1962 when the firm started to work with the architects Alberio & Cerbaro, then with Martino Perego that developed for Porada “Linea 91” and “Hoppo”. The article “Porada” has always been based on the work of heartwood that continues today combined with glass, steel and plastic materials. This new combination of materials was introduced by Tarcisio Colzani that developed among several items the system “Cuccagna”, a system of columns that can be equipped with several accessories for home interiors. Nowadays Porada cooperates with several architects in addition to Mr. Colzani the projects are developed by Marconato & Zappa, Seveso & Trezzi, Gottein, Gonser. The main feature of the actual collection is functionality, design and total quality.

January 19, 2020PORADA: Porada, creative synergies – Design, IMM Cologne – IFDM

Thank you so much to IFDM for this amazing article! 💥 # porada # immcologne2020 #journalarticle #interiordesign Porada, creative synergies

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