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When we think of Sancal the word project springs to mind, because this enterprise is much more than just a simple firm. Economic benefit is the objective of any business with a long-term vision. Nevertheless, the development of fabulous creative potential – to transform the everyday; to transgress the boundaries of habitat through design – is also an essential aim for Sancal. The Sancal project maintains a continuous flow of ideas and that is why it is an unfinished project, which retains the illusion and the nonconformist ethos of the first day; which, as a familiar project, desires extension of its identity over time. Despite all our achievements, we have the impression that everything has yet to be done.

The main aim of Sancal’s policy is to achieve customer satisfaction and quality products, thus the firm implements Ongoing Improvements through a thorough System of Quality Management ruled by the ISO 9000 standard and it is annually supervised by Bureau Veritas. Moreover, quality is guaranteed by our personnel’s know-how and the direct monitoring of our manufactured products, which bear the made in Spain guarantee.


Sancal tests its products in the CETEM and/or AIDIMA laboratories depending on the UNE (Spanish) and UNE EN (European) standard for use in public spaces. The Quality Controlled Symbol certifies all pieces of furniture that have passed different tests and recognises that they are suitable for the use for which they were designed. The specific tests to which our products are subject to check: durability; stability; static resistence; resistence to impacts and its security.


As a natural progression, and because we want our ideas to be realized in the best possible way, we work with supplier of the utmost quality. Cottons, wools, linens, velvets, micro-fibres, wood, DM, glass, polyurethane, aluminium, steel-and more, are the materials which form Sancal products. For more information about each material and the recommendations for its maintenance, please click on the following link.


We consider it is important to control the ecologic consequences from the moment in which the product is conceived, thinking about its use, its durability; the remains it will generate and in the way we can recycle them, in short, working on designs that minimize the environmental impact. In this way, the most important contribution of Sancal to the environment is the functionality and longevity of its products. Our desire is to offer useful and durable products that resist to the passing of the time both for its quality and for its nice and timeless design. Our motto is the sustainable consumption that is why we create products to use and use.

Sancal does not use materials in danger of extinction. Wood is a renewable material that compensates the CO2 emissions. The wood we use in our products comes from renewable forests. The agglomerates and MDF we use for boards and other structures are derivates from wood obtained from recycled wood. The foams we use for the seats and back are of polyurethane, a totally recycling thermoplastic. One of our finishes for metal and wood is the dust or epoxy coating. Trough this technique, the surfaces are treated without solvents and getting the maximum profit of the material. Another technique we use is the lacquer on water, also without solvents.

Sancal carefully elaborates its distribution paths, for its trucks to leave our warehouse completely loaded. The packaging protects and preserves the good state of the merchandise, but also has to reduce the CO2 emissions, that is why we always use sustainable packaging material and we try to minimize it at its maximum, in order to generate less residues and do not increase the volume of loadings unnecessarily. Sancal carries out an appropriate elimination of all the residues that produces. The paper, plastic and metal are compiled separately and transferred to a recycling firm. The remains of glues, varnishes or paints are eliminated with control through a certified firm of treatment of residues. In December 2010, Sancal was certified with ISO 14001, which recognizes the excellence of our Environmental Management. At the same time, the Region of Murcia has conferred distinction on Sancal as a Company Committed to Sustained Development.








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