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The design is Italian, the rest is production. And in Italy, design companies bear the names of the families that founded the brands. Like Tacchini, created in 1965 by Antonio, when production, too, was almost entirely Italian, and the most poetic and soul-stirring passages in the story of design were written. Naturally in time the children become the heirs, and the new founders, in a rationale of continuous updating and redefinition of the underlying idea, and that is what is actually handed down. Equally naturally, those who frequent the family become a part of it: team members, consultants, suppliers, employees, workers and clients.
Still today, in this family, the strength of the idea is central to every creative process, in a logical process of evolution, from the analysis of the idea to the three dimensions of the object, before ultimately becoming the essence of living. This ongoing process ensures a sense of connection with contemporary style, which is then further enhanced by the choice of quality materials and leading-edge technology, and always referencing an all-important tradition, so as to avoid the danger of confusing style with fleeting fashions and design with simple mass production.


Natural warmth and technological innovation, manufacturing and care for details, safety and wellbeing. Concrete values you can find in every product and space. Quality represents a key element in design for Tacchini, it takes shape with materials selection and care for the manufacturing process. It goes on beyond the product, through trade and after-sales services reliability.

April 7, 2021TACCHINI: Casual elegance and sensuality. The of …

Casual elegance and sensuality. The distinctive lines of Martin Eisler’s Reversível armchair, featured in the Six Square House designed by

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April 1, 2021TACCHINI: A new kind of rainbow. This Five To Nine …

A new kind of rainbow. This Five To Nine daybed by Studiopepe. is the result of Tacchini’s collaboration with Rubelli,

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March 31, 2021TACCHINI: Attention and love for materials, work …

Attention and love for materials, worked with care. An idyllic yet contemporary space becomes the perfect place for the iconic

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Da Vinci Lifestyle’s Contracts Division Leverages On Stellar Relationships With Over 200 International Contemporary & Designer Brands To Fashion Furniture Brands Around The Globe. With An Extensive Range Of Products From Furniture, Lighting, Kitchens, Office Systems, Bath & Sanitary, To Flooring, Decoratives & Materials. Our Contracts Team Offers Creative And Bespoke Solutions To Briefs To Manage The Process From Conceptualization To Completion. Our Logistics Networks Worldwide Ensures Deliveries And Installations Are Kept Within Timeline Requirements That Are Crucial For Architects, Interior Designers And Property Owners For Residential, Commercial And Hospitality Projects.