Da Vinci Lifestyle – Luxury Home Design Trends: With Milan Design Week 2018 now over…

With Milan Design Week 2018 now over, it is time to spruce up your home decor with high-end designer furniture from the very best luxury furniture brands.

If you are looking for more than just new touches to your home, Da Vinci Lifestyle, with its over 150 international designer furniture brands and luxury Italian furniture, is able to revamp your living spaces, elevating them into works of art based on the latest design trends.Dark Woods

Dark wood tones have been steadily moving up again in popularity, and this year sets the stage for its explosive resurgence. Flaunting the natural beauty of the grain while looking effortlessly stylish, it is a design element set to be the quintessential sample of timelessness.https://www.davincilifestyle.com/retail/malerba/#1484306364038-b4d72fce-1c193593-0b696d7f-7c6e

Rich textures and timeless shapes are the name of the game, and Italian furniture brand Malerba has those in spades.https://www.davincilifestyle.com/contracts/brands/malerba/black_and_more_2016/black_and_more_2016.html

The dining tables and night tables in its Black & More collection, with its meticulously thought out, handcrafted patterns is a hallmark of luxury Italian furniture, spicing up any space with a tinge of the tropical. The wood finish frames the furniture without going overboard, creating an aesthetic that is in perfect harmony, a tightrope balancing act Malerba aces.

 Saturated Hues

After years of being subjected to muted tones and quiet neutrals, colours that pop and ooze personality are a welcome change. A loud colour communicates with crystal clarity the features that best represent you. The bolder shades serve to add a dash of personality to a room, transforming a dull space into one that is visually striking and is an extension of yourself.https://www.davincilifestyle.com/retail/medea-lifestyle-1905/#1482427700956-cbb2d774-60bc05ba-14abe18a-ad11e823-5ae9

Medea Lifestyle 1905, with its luxury furniture in the Montenapoleone designer furniture collection, exemplifies this design trend.https://www.davincilifestyle.com/contracts/brands/media%20lifestyle%201905/montenapoleone/montenapoleone.html

Designed by Umberto Asnago, his luxury home furniture is a blend of neutral and saturated hues, with the neutrals giving the bold colours space to shine. It is design that has something to say, epitomised by the beds and the armchairs. Be it mysterious sensuality, jaunty aplomb, or peerless sensitivity, there is furniture to rehaul your room to embody it.

 Method to the Madness

Maximalism thrives on bold, daring expressions of individuality; it goes beyond merely filling up space full of colors and patterns. It is about revamping environments with memorabilia that hold a touch of sentimentality, a plethora of colors, and opulent patterns, using wallpapers, trinkets, and luxury furniture placed exactly where you want them to be.https://www.davincilifestyle.com/retail/theodore-alexander/

For instance, Theodore Alexander’s Admire Chest of Drawers from the Luxury of Serenity Collection designed by Steve Leung, with its ‘cigar club’ finished wire brush oak and accentuated bevel edge top with inset leather inlay, pairs a focus on functionality with a hint of rustic charm.https://www.davincilifestyle.com/contracts/brands/theodore%20alexandra/steve_leung/steve_leung.html

The subtle details accentuate the visual allure of this luxury home furniture. The shape of the furniture invokes ideas regarding Plato’s theory of forms, proving that the world of forms is an attainable ideal.

Steve Leung, an internationally acclaimed designer who was honored with the Andrew Martin International Designer of the Year Award in 2015, which marks the 13th time he has won the award since 1999, meticulously crafted the collection to achieve absolute perfection in both proportion and tactile detailing. Thus, any piece of furniture in the collection is bound to be an intricate work of artistic virtuosity worthy of deep respect.


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