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Italy’s attention towards art is historically evident, and this reflects in the way they decorate their rooms. Italy is home to so many fashion designers, and the country has a rich history when it comes to interior designing. Nowadays, Italian home decors and luxury furniture are considered to be the classiest way to decorate your rooms and interior spaces. While it is elegantly pleasing to watch the Italian styled interiors, it is extremely difficult to master the art of Italian decoration; one must use the right colors and positioning of the items should also be accurate.

The Italians tend to use the warmer colors for the interior decoration; it includes a color called sienna that holds several earth colors and looks like a yellow-brown mix, this color is historically associated with the Italian culture. This color is dominant in the majority of the furniture items so that there is a consistency between the furniture brands, and no item differs from others. We can also see gold being used in several items such as mirrors, vases, and others.

Forget minimalism

If you must want your room to give a deep Italian feeling than the idea of “exaggeration” must be thrown out of the window. The Italian designer furniture in a room includes a massive designer sofa with side sofas of the same scale and the cushions are generally of mild colors but in leather. The comfort of cushions while maintaining the visually pleasing colors make this a successful element of Italian decor. The mild colors make it easier for the couch of such size to blend in with other contemporary furniture of the room.


Floor and walls

Many buildings in Italy are quite old but very well preserved so the designing of the floors and walls are still adapted from these ancient designed walls and the texture of the floor is given a very defined resemblance. Venetian plaster is used to create the textures on the walls and after filled with green, gold, or other earthy colors. The marble floors, despite not giving exclusively Italian feeling, have now become a prominent method of flooring of an Italian interior space. Huge windows are usually installed because of the sunny weather in the Mediterranean countries and what better accessory to use as drapes instead of “Roman blinds” that come with a wide range of color selection and gives the room a decent roman look. As far as the floors are concerned, if you are not restricted in your budget, the new travertine tiles that come in earth-toned colors give your room a proper Italian finish.


Pottery and art

The pottery and art also play an important role in Italian households, and that is why when you observe an Italian styled interior, you find vases and portrait scattered across the room. Ideally, look for the pottery that is made in Italy because the locally produced pottery and art are very much distinguishable when placed next to other ones, so finding a substitute here is not an option. The vases can be placed in the middle of the dining tables and by the sides of the dressing tables, and the art may be placed across the room at an angle where it’s easier to notice.


The roof

The chandeliers are usually the centerpiece of an Italian styled room, and the classic chandeliers are not very difficult to find. The gold chandeliers are often found in the Italian luxury rooms as it’s considered a prerequisite for any room to be labeled “Luxury.” The ceilings could be designed with traditional Italian lightings of chandeliers and other glass items, these items despite being old, go really well with your refreshingly modern room and give you a nice feeling of rich Italian culture.

The furniture

The Italian designer furniture consists of dark wood with light and wavy designs; these designs are not very complex but quite elegant to look at! The sideboards and cabinets look similar to a country chest. Tables that come with huge worktops, soft chairs with backs that are high and clocks that are engraved or forged are the essentials of an Italian styled room. The Tuscan style furniture is really popular among the Italian households, it includes oversized sofas along with armchairs, there are heavy and spacious book cabinets that can hold a lot of books, the small tables that are scattered across the room. The Tuscan lamps are a great edition to add on some of these tables scattered across the room. The great thing about the Tuscan style is that despite the furniture being scattered, it feels just right. The Tuscan style is quite the opposite of a simple, minimalistic room, and you can see the accessories present everywhere in the room.


Spacious Rooms

The Italians love to have a gathering, and therefore all the rooms are spacious, and most of them contain a large sofa, a long dining table where you and your family of friends could sit together and eat or just have a chat. The rooms are not only serving the purpose of making you feel sophisticated but also very practical when it comes to parties, sleepovers, and family gatherings. They also serve the purpose of keeping you and your guest very comfortable, so these rooms are very practical when it comes to their size, the Italian style is a classic example of how comfort, elegance, and practicality can coexist.

To sum it all up, the Italian style has an elegant and a very rich feeling to it but one must indulge in the art of Italia to understand the palette of right colors that should be used in the room. The furniture, all while keeping in mind to keep the room spacious enough for the friends and family to sit together to eat or just have a chat. The designing must also be right, and the lighting condition of the room must be replicated to have the euphoric and nostalgic feeling of the great Italian culture.


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