DESIGNBOOM: alf celebrates 70 years of quality all-italian furniture design

alf: italian design since 1951


alf has become internationally synonymous with quality italian design over its 70-year history. as the ALF GROUP – encompassing alf dafrè, valdesign and alf italia – celebrates its seven-decade anniversary, the milestone is clearly a moment of reflection as well as for visions of the future. see, the business has always run like a family; every employee is a member and every product is their proud creation. from the comfiest of beds to sculptural sofas, tables and chairs, their portfolio of furnishing designs harmoniously resides in any living space to fit the user’s needs – and the human (both customer and creator) continues to be this focus in the decades ahead.

alf celebrates 70 years of quality all-italian furniture design
from then to now: the italian brand first rose to prominence designing in the bedroom market (pictured above: the POKER wardrobe and JETTY bed)

all images courtesy of alf dafrè



alf’s furniture pairs artisan and innovation


alf dates back 70 years to 1951, when a group of experienced artisan woodworkers formed a cooperative in francenigo, treviso in north-east italy. its popularity inspired the piovesana brothers to invest and take over the whole company soon after. the early 1960s saw the brand flourish, notably becoming distinguished in bedroom furniture design. increased desires of consumers in the following decades equaled an increase in production too. despite this, alf dafrè stayed true to its founding values to ensure expansion never compromised on the very best made-in-italy quality and family-run traditions. this mission is still alive today within the ALF GROUP, which includes alf dafrè for modern furniture, valdesign for kitchens, and alf italia for contemporary furniture.

alf celebrates 70 years of quality all-italian furniture design

alf celebrates 70 years of quality all-italian furniture design
from then to now:  founded by a group of experienced artisan woodworkers in 1951, the material and craft still play important roles within the brand (pictured above: the ANTIS)



today, alf dafrè has expanded beyond solely the bedroom; the brand is best known for its offering of high-quality solutions for the living area, kitchen (with its valdesign brand) and bedroom. their furnishings have a harmony and versatility to work in multiple spaces, styles and arrangements. this is thanks to the way they interpret the needs of modern spaces and lifestyles as they continue the mission to ever improve quality for customers.

alf celebrates 70 years of quality all-italian furniture design

alf celebrates 70 years of quality all-italian furniture design
from then to now: high-quality solutions designed for the living area, kitchen and bedroom (pictured above: the DAY collection)



quality is measured with scientific precision in all aspects of alf dafrè, from the choice of raw materials to the design, production stages, logistics and services. the production cycle takes place across three company facilities, all located in the trevisio area. the 150,000 m2 expanse of the 4.0 production facility highlights alf dafrè’s ability. with all products made to order, the center unites 380+ employees as a family of artisan crafters, managers and more with the latest innovative technology.

alf celebrates 70 years of quality all-italian furniture design
technological innovations and artisan craft combine to design ever improving products over the 70 years (pictured here: the LOGICA kitchen)



a visit to the production plant reflects how alf dafrè creates its furniture from 70 years of experience and innovation. debuting at supersalone 2021, the YUME bed highlights what is in store for customers in the decades ahead. the sculptural, incredibly comfortable product is created to be completely disassembled so that its already environmentally-conscious material components can be removed, repaired and recycled. this circular design stays true to the brand’s artisan heritage while adding another layer of quality for the future.

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