vietnam-based studio CTA  has converted an apartment with small individual rooms into a large and multifunctional space which can be flexibly used depending on the owner’s needs. located in ho chi minh city, cloud house is composed of movable partition walls that can be used to easily alter the size of each area, and an interlaced wood ceiling that provides an organic, soft finishing.

CTA tops vietnam apartment with 'cloud' of interlaced wood on its ceilingall images courtesy of CTA


CTA aimed at transforming the 145 m2 apartment into a ‘place to replenish the energy’, tackling the overcrowded conditions of ho chi minh city. with a population of 13 million, the city’s residents feel constantly suffocated by living in clustered buildings and by their daily routine of going back and forth among such blocks. ‘our customer is one of them,’ notes the studio, ‘he is immersed in work during daytime and just comes back to his block in the nighttime to rest…when he came to us, he was open about his wishes: to leave all the worries and problems at his doorstep and enter his safe haven in peace, spend time enjoying a good book, and fall asleep peacefully.’

CTA tops vietnam apartment with 'cloud' of interlaced wood on its ceiling



drawing from the image of clouds as a reference to make the design softer, the architects created an organic, interlaced structure for the apartment’s ceiling. all materials used are natural and traditional of vietnamese culture, increasing the primitive feeling of the space.



project info:


name: cloud house

architects: CTA

location: second floor of green valley apartment, district 7, hcm city, vietnam

area: 145 m2

contractor: sồi conception

sofia lekka angelopoulou I designboom

jan 12, 2019



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