DESIGNBOOM: estudio MERO’s penthouse encapsulates the international style

estudio mero embraces international style aesthetics


Defined as an ‘x-ray of the needs and desires of its inhabitants’, PH Mazatlán is a modern penthouse overlooking Condesa’s bustling Reforma Avenue in Mexico City. Estudio MERO designs this residence to house a small family in an open space which internally translates the external International Style architecture of the apartment building created by Boris Albin. The design team transforms the space into a flexible dwelling defined by open interiors, rectilinear planes including expansive glass and tubular steel finishes, minimalist ornamentation, and iconic furnishing and decor. 

all images by Cuadra Estudio



a synergy between modern and industrial elements


In a continuation of the exterior’s rectilinear and simplistic design reflective of the International Style movement, the flexible interior features minimalist rectangular elements, modern sweeping glass walls and industrial steel embellishments. Estudio MERO infuses a synergetic dialogue between the furniture, woodwork and cladding, with the steel and glass finishes on the walls along with the industrial multi-panel on the ceiling, expressing an unfolding reconciliation between space and habitability.


Expanding the original architectural program to integrate the flexible domestic coexistence of the residents, Estudio MERO generates various communal environments have been created within the new open space, including spaces to read, study, and work, and to cook, eat, and relax. The design studio also creates two bedrooms each with their own bathrooms added to maintain privacy. Much of the owner’s art, décor and furnishings have also been preserved, arranged throughout the home to exude a sense of warmth and personal character. Additionally, several bespoke bookcases were designed to house the client’s extensive collection, positioned along the access corridor and leading into the living space, while a sculpture created insitu by Adán Paredes suspends from the ceiling, generating an intricate array of shadows.

modern penthouse by estudio MERO overlooking mexican cityscape encapsulates the international style
the modern penthouse overlooks the bustling Reforma Avenue



integrating natural micro-landscapes into the cityscape


Estudio MERO completed the project in 2021, with a conscious approach driven by the circumstances of the pandemic. As such, cross ventilation, a double height interior, and a large terrace with views across the Reforma Avenue become the most important features of the penthouse. Here, the distinct landscaping design frames PH Mazatlán’s glazed and concrete exterior and shelters it from the heat. Adorned with lush vegetation, the collection of rosemary, fescue, olive, juniper, ayube, salvia and santolina trees lining the porch emulate the rich foliage of forests and create as sense of oneness with nature and the Mexican cityscape beyond.

modern penthouse by estudio MERO overlooking mexican cityscape encapsulates the international style
bespoke bookcases showcase the client’s extensive collection

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