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located on the seafront of hong kong’s rambler channel, THE PAVILIA BAY offers a distinct highly sumptuous yet personalized living experience in the city. the residence is the latest project of the pavilia collection under the artisanal movement of new world development. following that of the ‘bohemian house‘, THE PAVILIA BAY continues to manifest the brand spirit of this movement. however, this time, its theme focuses on a different sense of bespoke, one inspired by superyachts.

the façade with curtain wall design of THE PAVILIA BAY
all images courtesy of new world development

with a sleek and nautical façade, THE PAVILIA BAY hints at its distinctive inspiration of a yacht in full sail. at its entrance, the podium design echoes the grand, awe-inspiring bow of a ship in an aim to give residents a feeling of helming one about to set off on a world voyage. it is constructed from more than 650 steel plates, weighing more than 75 tons, with each one crafted uniquely through a complicated yet superfine fabricated technique. perfecting the façade, surrounding underwater lights illuminate the entrance by imitating the look of a massive superyacht in the ocean at night.

the yacht-inspired podium exterior

designed by french superyacht designer philippe briand, the residences clubhouse, BLUE PAVILION, and pool is the heart and soul of the concept. it combines the essence of superyacht features – optimal proportions constructed from natural and weather-resistant materials. through sublime craftsmanship, the comprehensive design delivers an individual beauty that pleases the eye whilst prides the owners. from an extensive setting to sweeping views of the ocean, the clubhouse creates an immersive oceanic vacation aura.

the PAVILION DECK leading to the swimming pool on the right

the craftsmanship and characterization of the design can be found in every detail of the residence. creating an imaginary ocean odyssey, the spiral staircase features a wall of relief world map that was handcrafted piece by piece. as well, inside the clubhouse, the bridge and flag pole have been constructed from carbon fiber. these one-of-a-kind creations involved multiple steps of molding, resin infusion and casting, which took more than one and a half years to complete.

PAVILION DECK allows residents to savour the breeze from the seashore while overlooking the rambler channel

the artisanal precision, exclusivity and uniqueness of the residence is further showcased with the function room. delicately decorated with the spirit of naval architecture, the space features classical glossy wall finishings and tailor-made round dining tables with wood veneers. however, what perfects the setting, as well as THE PAVILIA BAY overall, is the enchanting seaviews of rambler channel it offers and enhances. the design highlights new world development’s bespoke creation of a new artisanal living experience where art, people and nature collide.

the infinity swimming pool

the swimming pool with underwater lights design

the bridge, composed of carbon fiber, a material commonly used in superyachts

the clubhouse foyer leading to the spiral staircase at the back

the walls of the spiral staircase is wrapped in a handcrafted world map

the function room hosts activities ranging from dinner parties to games

the function room is deliberately decorated to create a total yachting experience for the residents



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