DESIGNBOOM: MADE arhitekti completes riga art and media school as a black box in latvia

riga art and media school (RMMT) by MADE arhitekti was previously known as the crafts secondary school, together with the name change, the new building provides a place for media education in latvia. the new study building resonates with the existing school buildings, which are designed as free-standing, rectangular objects with characteristic overhangs. the new volume demonstrates RMMT’s commitment to becoming a school with an innovative curriculum and an appropriate environment.

new building of riga art and media school 1
all images courtesy of MADE arhitekti
exterior detail



MADE arhitekti applied monochrome aesthetics to the building referring to the characteristic elements of the film industry, including the well-known clapperboard. the main inner street becomes an important urban planning axis, which connects jūrmalas gatve with the main RMMT building. the inner street is equipped with an outdoor amphitheater and provides a variety of outdoor uses. the various internal spatial zoning of the building is reflected in the structure of the building as successive functional areas (classrooms, lobby, auxiliary rooms, studio).

new building of riga art and media school 2



the ground floor lobby is a multi-functional, easily adaptable, and convertible space. it has a distinct visual and functional connection with public outdoor space. above the lobby on the second and third floor, there are study and administration rooms. the next spatial area is two staircases (one open, the other closed) connecting the three floors of the building. the stairwell area is followed by a service area.

new building of riga art and media school 3
Exterior detail



the main functional space is a black and white filming study studio. the classroom area is painted white in combination with exposed concrete, while the second part is dominated by black in the typical and functional aesthetics of cinema. in order to ensure the noise and sound insulation of the studio, to optimize the level of energy efficiency, and to reduce the required cooling load, solid monolithic reinforced concrete enclosing structures are provided.

new building of riga art and media school 4
Interior classroom



the studio is covered with steel trusses, above which prefabricated reinforced concrete panels are placed. the structures are designed to be energy efficient in accordance with the local norms to ensure long-term savings. the largest glazing on the eastern side, thanks to the dense foliage of the trees, will be sufficiently shaded in summer.

new building of riga art and media school 5
exterior view



the discreet black aesthetics of the film industry are also exhibited on the façade, with black-painted wooden boards and lats cladding. the façade cladding is divided into three lanes, creating a small stepped projection for each lane, thus referring to the other buildings of the school with a horizontal volume distributed by floors.

new building of riga art and media school 6
interior stairs detail

new building of riga art and media school 7
interior blackbox

new building of riga art and media school 8

new building of riga art and media school 9

new building of riga art and media school 10

new building of riga art and media school 11
interior stairs

new building of riga art and media school 12
exterior detail



project info:


name: riga art and media school

designer: MADE arhitekti

location: jūrmalas gatve, latvia


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edited by: yasmina karam | designboom

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