stefano boeri architetti signs its residential ‘urban forest’ entitled ‘cà delle alzaie’ to be constructed in the northeastern italian city of treviso. integrated into the facades of the three residences is an immense amount of lush vegetation including both trees and bushes. the research and design of the studio of stefano boeri focuses on a contribution to the environmental regeneration of the site. while the three structures are completely surrounded by a private garden, they establish a direct relationship with the river through a public pathway that connects to a road leading directly to the heart of the historic center.

stefano boeri treviso
all images courtesy of stefano boeri architetti

stefano boeri architetti orients the buildings, each seven floors high, so as to guarantee privacy and optimize sun exposure towards the south. each floor hosts either two or three apartments, each with two or three bedrooms. all of the daytime programming faces toward the river to the south, while the nighttime areas face north. the foliage on the building façades serves as a visual reference to the riparian forest across the river. the southern façade is defined by a series of continuous terraces separated by vertical elements that hold the plantings. each apartment enjoys access to a terrace and can benefit from the shade of the crown of at least one tree.

stefano boeri treviso

stefano boeri elaborates:instead of an abandoned factory, three small buildings on the river bank host 120 trees and 400 bushes on their façades, which on their own are able to produce more than 2.7 tons of oxygen per year. a discrete presence that redefines the relationship between the city of treviso, just steps away from the ancient walls, and the sile river.



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