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Whether you want to renovate your home casually or formally, a few updates can make a lot of difference. From the luxury furniture and the floor to the lightings and the decor, there are several ways to upgrade the outlook of your home.

As the furniture covers a large space of those rooms so before buying the contemporary furniture for refurnishing that space, you should keep in mind a few things.

It is advised to make a wise survey because walking directly into the store without a plan can leave you confused and frustrated.

So, in case, you are looking out to redecorate your rooms then we have an array of renowned furniture brands contributing to our furniture store to give your living and dining area a beautiful and elegant appearance.

Also, it would help you select the best items so that you don’t end up wasting your hard-earned money.

With the major European and American furniture collaborating with us, we have got the leverage to serve you with the products that fit into your space and adds style to the overall décor of the room.

Here, the Da Vinci Lifestyle is helping you out with some ideas on how to decorate your home with contemporary furniture.

Utilize the Space

Analyzing the space of your room wisely will help you in dictating the laying of modern furniture and other decors too.

If the room to be furnished is small or has less space, you should choose built-in furniture. For bedrooms choose folding beds and for the dining room go for shelves in spite of chairs.

In this way, you will not only be able to save the space but utilize the space in some productive manner.

Wall decoration is a proper art of contemplating how to utilize the given space to look better. Hence, wall decor must be chosen wisely. One such tip is to pick mirrors as wall décor for bedrooms instead of dark pieces; this helps in creating an illusion of wider space.

In the case of a dining room that is often used for hosting a lot of guests, the expandable dining table can be of great help.

Also, for living rooms with limited space, try and choose the furniture that is compact and less bulky. It will not only create space but will also help you to maintain a positive ambiance of the room.


Well, the variety of light fixtures available in the market is endless. But, the perfect selection of the light fixtures majorly depends on the ceiling’s height.

If your room has a high ceiling, a chandelier would be the perfect selection for it. Your choice with the decoration and furniture may vary, but a nice chandelier can still be added to add style to the overall luck look of the room.

Dining and Drawing rooms are the best places to add these chandeliers as they bring life to the room and also increases the charm of the furniture.

For the rooms with low ceilings, semi-flush mount lights are a wonderful selection. They partially flush the light and utilize their reflection to light up the room.

Another great idea would be to use pendant lights which can set your mood right if used with a low-watt bulb.

If not pendant lights then wall sconces are a good dining room light fixture.

Bed Room Furniture and Accessories

The simple it is, the elegant it looks. You can add as much décor to your bedroom as much you want, but the real art lies in keeping the furniture limited and the looks elevated.

A bed, a lamp table, a front table, carpets, ceiling fans, and whatnot. The number of items that will include your to-buy list for your bedroom is endless.

The only thing that you need to consider is the simplicity. Try and make a combination with the colors of the furniture.

Bed with low height are in the latest trends. To add more to the style of the room, you can decorate the wall behind the bed.

For those who like to decorate the table by the side of the bed in a traditional way, using a big vase is a great option.  You can create a nice floral arrangement and upgrade your room with a vase and flowers that match the rest of the decoration of the room.

The vase can vary from glass to the antique one as per your preference. And the use of paper and synthetic flowers can add a twist to the traditional touch.

If you want it more in a contemporary way then you can use a metal or wooden dish with some moss or river stones.


Lawn Décor

Lawn is that area of your house where family comes together in their free time. It is open and can be accessorised in plenty of ways that are stylish as well as affordable.

The accessories can vary from a lawn sofa set, a centre table, side tables, flower vases and what not. It can also include stylish and adjustable chairs that matches the overall décor of the place.

The plantation on the sides also makes a huge difference in enhancing the ambiance of the area. Choose the colors wisely and the nature play its part. Also, you can use tables of various sizes with flower tops to complete the look.

Contemporary Furniture

The most prominent asset of any space is its furniture. A little makeover to which will give your room a whim no less than heaven. Choosing the luxury furniture for that lovely corner of your home is the utmost priority. Also, the furniture should match the aesthetic of that space.

At the Da Vinci Lifestyle, we can help you out in picking the best furniture for your home. Elegant yet contemporary furniture will enhance the space beyond your expectations. Our exquisite craftsmanship will help you in every possible way to cherish the beauty of your rooms for years to come.

Not just your dining room but we can efficiently furnish your office spaces too. We also assist the property developers and restaurateurs by furnishing restaurant spaces and even hotels. So, no matter what you are planning to furnish, be it an intimate space, lounges, rooms, dining space or lobbies in the hotels, we surely can help.

If you are convinced then visit our mega-stores in your country. We have our furniture stores in Singapore and many countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Italy, Taiwan, and China.

In case, your country doesn’t have one then our worldwide catering retail website is the solution. Reach out to the Da Vinci Lifestyle for contemporary dining rooms’ furniture and more.

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