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A summer evening, in the garden: gazing at the moon through dense foliage. It is the Twice as Twiggy Grid effect: a circle of light seems to float in the air. Twice as Twiggy Grid is a Twiggy whose volume has more than doubled. It has a shade in a woven composite material.

Design Marc Sadler

 #twiceastwiggy #twiceastwiggygrid #outdoor


Irresistible interior that both reinterprets history and hints at the future - grey and royal blue Beetle Chairs and the grandiose Moon Dining Table. [ACCESS GUBI BRAND INFORMATION AND CATALOGUES]
The sofa version of Céline offers a spacious and welcoming seat and the possibility of being open, transforming into a double bed. Bit.ly/Flou-Celine. [ACCESS FLOU BRAND INFORMATION AND CATALOGUES]