HOSPITALITYDESIGN: Casa Cook Samos Slated for May 2022 Opening

Casa Cook Hotels will begin welcoming guests to its latest property, located on the Greek island of Samos, in May 2022. Set against the glistening backdrop of the Aegean Sea, Casa Cook Samos will express the brand’s signature laidback luxury through a Mediterranean lens.

Athens-based architecture and design firm Block722, which crafted the new lifestyle hotel, also infused a modern ethos across spaces inspired by Kamares, traditional Greek houses found throughout many Samian villages. “It is important for us to replace the transitory feeling of hospitality with a sense of belonging, where all elements generate an authentic experience,” Block722 says. “We want our designs to embody beauty and history unified into a cohesive whole, inviting the visitor to discover it.”

Six pools spread across the property will serve as social hubs for each guest village. Earthy textures and colors influenced by the island’s lush vegetation will complement environments that seamlessly blend the indoors and outdoors. Leather finishes, wooden partitions, and stone paths will be installed alongside more contemporary elements—like smooth terrazzo floors.

The Kitchen Club restaurant will embody the Greek principle of paréa, or a wholesome gathering of friends, across its seaside setting, while a fitness center, yoga shala, and wellness center equipped with spa suites and a nail salon will promote overall wellbeing.

The resort’s 128 accommodations will range from 280 to 430 square feet—with the exception of one 750-square-foot villa. Each unit will boast private beach terraces, maximizing a bond with the island’s surroundings.

“The design aims to bring guests in sync with nature, connecting the indoors with the outdoors in a seamless way that helps them unwind and explore the place in its entirety,” the firm adds. “Architectural clean lines combined with natural materials, textures, and custom-made design aim to create a relaxing, cozy space where each guest can truly rest and find inner balance.”

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