Will Speros •
January 2, 2019

Photos courtesy of Dai Forni and by Seth Powers

A dining space in Dai Forni

The Four Seasons Kuwait has debuted in the Gensler-designed Burj Alshaya complex in the city of Al Kuwayt. The 12,000-square-foot property maximizes its outdoor spaces with two elevated F&B options—Dai Forni and Sintoh, which crown the hotel. Designed by Shanghai-based firm Kokaistudios, both restaurants are linked via a greenery wall and share an expansive terrace, complete a glass sculpture that acts as the central water feature.

Heat serves as the key theme for the Italian concept Dai Forni, which translates to “from the oven.” Fire pillars, sandstone floors, and three custom copper woodburning ovens anchor the space. Illuminated by diffuse lighting, the ovens are surrounded by metal mesh and laser-cut curtains, while three semi-circular banquettes are set against a backdrop of Sicilian lava stone walls. Sicily and its basketweaving traditions also serve as the inspiration for seating, chandeliers, and the two private dining rooms that are outfitted with rough, woven rope finishes. The textured walls contrast the Mashrabiya-inspired patterns that punctuate the space’s carved Corian doors and sunscreens.

Sintoho amplifies the oasis theme with burnt wood countertops and open kitchens. Water towers and a dark color palette recall nocturnal Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo—all of which are channeled in the restaurant’s cuisine. Traditional Chinese embroidery, linens, and a tea wall weave together the themes of Sintoho, while silver pendant lights pay tribute to Southeast Asian raindrops.

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