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Apartment in “Mishkenot Ha’uma” in Jerusalem – ” The Continued Dialogue ” by Studio Erez Hyatt. When we got the apartment in Jerusalem, it was small and neglected, and in addition to its 75 square meter size, it came with a diagonal wall. Our goal was to make it beautiful – and the first step was to create a public space with straight and parallel lines, So at the beginning of the renovation, the diagonal wall was straightened, and the island was relocated.

The new program we planned was to create one space of living room and kitchen that would be open and flowing. This was implemented through a dramatic wall, which begins as a TV wall and continues to the kitchen in the same layer of black decomposing, with varying sizes.
His dramatic appearance is balanced against a white-paneled wall that looks like a container. Its soft and updated appearance with a changing rhythm, creates a cube that stands on its own, which hides the adjacent bedroom in it, and even hides its own front door in the cover itself. This cube cuts off the “public” from the “private” both because the material that was chosen and also for the feeling he make. In addition, the white cover contributes to the continuity of the white curtain, and maintains a dialogue of contrast with him – hard against soft, firm against liquid. All these walls looks like they are framing the floor with concrete, which gives the feeling of continuity.
Attention was also given to light, since the apartment was originally dark and during the renovation underwent a redesign of lighting. in the end, besides providing the light it has also contributed to the connection between the living room and the kitchen thanks to continuous lighting strips, and also created a variety of light scenarios to change the atmosphere at the touch of a button.
The renovation did not spare a thought or materials to reach the most perfect finishes: the use of monochromatic colors, concrete cladding in bare walls, the casting of a concrete floor, a black “drama wall” on the wall of the television, the cladding of the white wall – all of these gathered into a strict process which at the end, turn the apartment from dark and neglected to luxurious and elegant, with such a great space, that we cannot even feel it’s original sizes.
Photography by eladgonen


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