MY HOUSE IDEA: Infinity Views by Superseed Architecture

Infinity Views is a project designed by Superseed Architecture. Inspired by the curves of the Swan River below, the textural quality of the surrounding landscape, and with design cues derived from luxury yachts, this singular residence is etched into the cliff over Blackwall Reach, offering unparalleled views of the Swan River and beyond from every habitable room. Photography by Jack Lovel.


Designed by Architect John LeClare Josephs, Director of Superseed Architecture and built by Peter Capozzi of Capozzi Building, the residence is a symphony of architectural design, engineering, specification, and Master Builder craftsmanship.
The project, a development project for sale, had no end-user client. Instead, it was conceived as a mechanism to communicate the expertise of the builder, Capozzi Building, by creating a singular original design on an extremely logistically complex residential site, which would in-turn impress a future buyer. Capozzi Building, whose reputation is built on building for Architects, approached John Josephs, Director of Superseed Architecture, from which they had recently completed a successful residence in Floreat. Superseed Architecture’s design approach, focused on reconsidering traditional designs ideals, instead approaching design with minimal preconceptions, was well suited to the site of which tradition housing models could simply not be built from a technical standpoint, nor would differentiate the property and show the potential of the site and the skill of the design and build to a potential buyer. Original housing plans that followed traditional models, provided in the sale of the site, were immediately scrapped. Armed simply with a loose spatial brief based on property expectations of the area and a budget, John Josephs was given free reign over the schematic design. During the first Client meeting, in which the design was presented to Capozzi Building, the resultant 3 storey design, a ship on the land – curves throughout and almost no standard right-angle geometry to be found, Capozzi were taken aback. However, after explanation of the architectural reasoning, the structural rational and most importantly, the result – something completely unlike anything else in the area, the conversation quicky became about the construction methodology and detailing – Capozzi were immediately on board with the design.

Builder: Capozzi Building
Architect: Superseed Architecture
Furniture: Mobilia
Artwork: MardiWest
Photography: Jack Lovel

Bitta by Rodolfo Dordoni
Vieques, Vimini, Roll collections by Patricia Urquiola
Landscape by Kettal Studio

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