The Block sofa is a project with a sculptural aesthetic, in which the soft, abundant forms of the upholstery combine with the essential, square lines of the monolithic natural bamboo base that appears as if it were moulded from a single block of material.


For liquid, mobile space

The sofa is characterized by a marked lightness, offering the option to move them about according to one’s needs thanks to the wheels in the front part of the base. Block thus responds to the need for versatile, multifunctional furniture, embracing the philosophy of liquid, mobile space, where what is needed is always where it needs to be.

Like all Marcelis’s work, the project stands out for its innovation: the exploration of materials, the study of geometries and the attention paid to the relationship with light give rise to an experience that amazes, from its unprecedented visual effect to its surprising dynamism.

Surprising dynamism


Upholstery is available in a wide range of fabrics and leather (fabrics are also interchangeable).

Each cushion, being covered on all sides , can also be used alone and in different rooms of the house.

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