With their vivid and unique ecosystem, the Bauxite caves are one of the great natural spectacles of Apulia and a source of inspiration for a sofa which boasts an extremely visually striking system of modular sectional seats. A system which hinges on the constant aesthetic and functional transformations of its various parts.


Enjoy your sliding relax

Conversation, companionship and rest with an electric sliding mechanism which allows you to move the backrest: with the flick of a wrist, the flip mechanism tilts the backrest, changing it from a vertical to a horizontal position, while the electric sliding mechanism moves the back and armrest back and forth.


Upholstery is available in a wide range of fabrics and leather (fabrics are also interchangeable).

Each cushion, being covered on all sides , can also be used alone and in different rooms of the house.

Mauro Lipparini designer

Lipparini is an eclectic architect and designer who expresses his creativity in all areas: complex industrial projects, interior architecture, installations, study of products. He is one of the leading figures of "Italian minimalism", internationally successful, and his talent earned him many recognitions. Recognized in competitions around the world such as the Good Design® Global Awards.