Dominio is a generously sized upholstery which comes across as strong and reassuring, an important presence in its surrounding environment. It is made up of different modules that can be placed next to one another in different ways, to form configurations which can be used for a wide variety of styles and purposes.


Hexagonal style detail

The armrests are available in two different sizes in both height and in width and surround the deep seats to help create unique and versatile configurations. Thesofa’s lines are highlighted by a surrounding fabric border, while the metal tubular feet have a hexagonal section that echoes the shapes of the padded rollers on the back of the back cushions.


Upholstery is available in a wide range of fabrics and leather (fabrics are also interchangeable).

Each cushion, being covered on all sides , can also be used alone and in different rooms of the house.

Maurizio Manzoni designer

Maurizio Manzoni, born in Nuoro in 1967, graduated with a degree in Architecture in Florence in 1994. From the beginning, his intention was to pursue a design philosophy that tackled in a meaningful way the issues related to contemporary living, trying to propose innovative solutions, always respecting the DNA of the companies with which it collaborates.