Infinito came into being thanks to the idea of cross-pollination and to an almost impossible challenge – taking the core aesthetic of one of the most powerful symbols for the human race and turning it into an object that has a strong symbolic value for Natuzzi – the sofa. Infinito has been awarded with the EPDA Award 2021, Home Interior Products/Interior Furniture category.


A curvy sculpture

Perfect as a centrepiece or as a corner seat, Infinito underlines on the one hand the strong propensity for innovation, which is typical of the brand, and on the other, it highlights the great knowhow of Natuzzi craftsmen and their ability to develop complex projects with high added value.


Upholstery is available in a wide range of fabrics and leather (fabrics are also interchangeable).

Each cushion, being covered on all sides , can also be used alone and in different rooms of the house.

Marcantonio designer

His personality and work are both a fusion of a love for art and one-of-a-kind pieces; his design objects are meant to be part of an everyday household and their dual nature is bound by his utterly free creative thinking. With a strong sense of humour, a love of nature and his own personal vision of contemporary design, he has produced pieces of work that have already become modern icons.
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